Cooler Master Vortex Plus CPU Cooler Review

Another innovative new product from our friends at Cooler Master! Today we have the Cooler Master Vortex Plus CPU Cooler. This is a low profile cooler to fit your HTPC or LAN chassis. We are always concerned with heat. Heat is not our friend. Smaller cases and smaller components rarely mean less heat. Quite often, it means more. We have the same powerful processors and video cards running on a smaller motherboard. With some of these Micro ATX cases being under 100mm wide, there isn’t much room for cooling. The Cooler Master Vortex Plus, with its overall height of just 84mm may just be the ticket to keep your micro system cool.

Provided by: Cooler Master
Price:  TBD

 Closer Look:

Lets check out the Cooler Master Vortex Plus CPU Cooler.



The front of the Cooler Master Vortex Plus CPU Cooler box gives us a good picture of the assembled cooler and lets us know that the product will also now fit i7, i5, Core i3, AM3.

The back of the package gives us a good look at the cooler and the fan and the 4 heat pipes.  There is also a brief list of the features and a visual reference of the measurements for the Cooler Master Vortex Plus CPU Cooler.

On the  side panel are the specifications.  Everything you ever wanted to know about this cooler is here.  A full listing of the specs and features is on few pages


In these two pictures we get first look at the Cooler Master Vortex Plus CPU Cooler.  A large cooling fin area and 4 massive stovepipes give promise to a great product in a very small size.  When you take the Cooler Master Vortex Plus CPU Cooler out of the box, make sure to remove the piece of cardboard from between the CPU heat sink and the cooling fins.  Also the pipes have some flex to them.  Be careful not to bend them.

An overhead view of the Cooler Master Vortex Plus CPU Cooler shows lots of surface area for heat transfer from the cooling fins.

And here we see the 94mm fan atop the cooler.  There are two clips that snug the fan to the cooler.  You will see those next picture.

Ok!  Here is the whole package.  You’ve got the cooler, fan, mounting brackets for Intel and AMD, hold down clips for the fan, and a package containing thermal paste and the push pins for mounting the brackets to your motherboard.

Lets move on to the Features and Specifications!

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