Coollaboratory LIQUID Pro Review

In a world with so many different thermal pastes what do you need to stand out and get attention? Why not skip the paste part all together. The Coollaboratory LIQUID Pro does just that, by bypassing the standard paste medium that is so commonly used today, and going straight into a liquid format. That’s right Coollaboratory LIQUID Pro resembles and acts just like mercury. Consisting of 100% metal, this liquid contains absolutely no solids or non-metallic additives, and boasts the ability to surpass the competition. Let’s see how well this liquid thermal compound will stack up in the world of pastes:

Provided by: Coollaboratory


Price: $15.00

Closer Look:

With most thermal compounds you can see the amount you are going to potentially buy, and unlike some other products out there, contains more then what meets the eye. You use a much smaller amount of the Coollaboratory LIQUID Pro then you would a thermal paste.



The back of the packaging has a lot of important information based on the specs and features of the Coollaboratory LIQUID Pro thermal compound. One word of warning, the Coollaboratory LIQUID Pro packaging warns that it should not be used with heat sinks made of aluminum.




Now let’s take a look at the specs and features of this product:

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