Nexus and Strikefan 120 MM Fan Roundup Review

Depending on just how much hardware you have crammed into your rig, you may be putting out a fair amount of BTUs. That’s why PC fans are such a necessity. However if the sound of your fans is drowning out everything else, then maybe it’s time to look into some quieter fans. Today we’re going to look at three different low noise fans from two different manufacturers, Nexus and Strikefan. Nexus offers a variety of different products, while Strikefan is an OEM manufacturer looking to break into the market. Let’s find out just what these different fans are capable of. But first, nothing excites the geek in us like the smell of new electronics packaging. Click Read More to take a closer look at the sexy smelling packaging.

Nexus 120 MM Quiet(basic) and PWM Provided By: End PC Noise
120 MM Quiet (basic) Cost: $14.49
120 MM PWM Cost: $14.99

Strikefan 120 MM Provided By: Strikefan
Cost: Contact Strikefan for Pricing

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Nexus 120 MM Real Silent Case Fan Basic Series and the Nexus 120 MM Real Silent Case Fan PWM Series is nice and compact. It is constructed of clear plastic, with the fan itself clearly visible. The series of the fan is printed on the front along with a graphic and the Nexus Logo. The dB range of the fan as well as the CFM are also listed on the front of the package.

The Strikefan 120 MM fan didn’t come in a package, so let’s look at the fans themselves now. Both Nexus fans come with rubber fan mounts and are of course wired up for use. The PWM Series comes with a 3/4 Pin connection and the Basic series comes with a 3 Pin/Molex connection. Seeing as how the Strikefan is an OEM part, the connection needs to be spliced by hand, in this case into a 3 Pin connection. The Strikefan features 4 White LEDs, one on each corner. These light up when the fan is powered and look very nice.

Nexus Basic Series

Nexus PWM Series
Strikefan Series
Well now that we’ve had a look at all of the fans and what comes with them, let’s take a look at their Specifications.

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