SilenX Case Fan Round Up IXtrema Pro Series 120mm and Quiet Fans 120mm Review

Computers are becoming a lot more then something to look up your e-mail on, even surfing the web isn’t the only application the PC is being used for anymore. Computers are being used as multimedia machines, HTPC’s (Home Theater PC’s), and much more. Due to the fact that PC’s are starting to become the corner stone of all of our electronic equipment, the PC is starting to find its way into our living rooms, bedrooms, and many other rooms your wouldn’t have seen a PC in the past. The only problem with the PC’s new applications is the fans. You will not ever see your surround sound system or your DVD/Bluray player being louder then your speakers, because of their internal fans. This is where companies like SilenX come in with their new IXtrema Pro Series 120mm and IXtrema Pro Quiet Fans120mm models. These fans push a decent amount of air while still remaining very quiet. Let’s get a better look at these fans and see how well they stack up next to other “silent fans” on the market right now:

Provided by: SilenX

Price: $23 CAD

Closer Look:

The packaging for both of the SilenX IXtrema Pro Series 120mm fans is very well designed. I was again impressed with the window styled packaging, being able to see what you are buying is important. All of the important specs and features you would need are displayed right on the packaging, which in my opinion is key for any consumer that knows exactly what they want in a case fan.





Both of the fans also come with the needed hard ware and rubber mounts depending on just how quiet you want the fans to be. One thing I really liked about these fans is the addition of a molex converter which the GELID Solutions fans did not have. This is important for anyone that doesn’t have enough fan ports on their motherboard. On the down side I would have liked the converter to be an inline jumper style so you could hook more then one fan to any, one molex connector.



Although these fans won’t appeal to case modders that like LED’s, the metallic top coat on these fans looks very sharp. The fans are well built; other fans I have seen use very flimsy plastic where as the SilenX fans use much better quality plastic.

 Pro Series:


Pro Series Quiet:






Let’s check out the specs and features on these fans:

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