CP Technologies CP-E305 3.5” Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Let me ask you a trick question, is there anything that says party more than a hard drive enclosure? Probably just about everything does. In spite of their relative uselessness at most parties, they are still a nifty device when you need to add some space to your computer’s memory, or retrieve something off of that hard drive in the computer that went to a better place last month. This review takes a look at the specifications and abilities of one such product. The CP Tech 3.5” Hard Drive Enclosure. An external storage subsystem packed with features that may very well make you consider buying one for your next wild party…or not. Let’s find out:


Provided By – CP Technologies USA

Price – $35.95

Closer Look:

The outside of the cardboard package is fairly simple. The front shows what this product looks like in its stand and tells you exactly what type of enclosure it is. The back points out some of its specs, features, system requirements, etc. We’ll be getting more into those a little later on. Also on the bottom corner on the back it gives the contact information for the company.




The device is located among the interior of the packaging, obviously, along with the stand, manual, necessary cords, and a couple pieces of Styrofoam. Score! Also included is the installation cd which you only need to install with windows 98 computers. This installation is easy and explained well in the manual.


Below are some shots of the front and back of the actual enclosure. The front looks snazzy enough, and gives decent cooling. The back is simple and straightforward. Click on any of the pictures to get a better view.


The picture below gives you an idea of the internal components. To connect the hard drive, you just connect it to the mounting plug. It is the grey strip visible in the following picture.


  Now that we know what’s what, let’s look into this enclosure specs and features on the next page…


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