CP Tech USA CP-USH-300 2.5” SATA HDD Smart Mobile Enclosure Review

Portable Hard Drive Enclosures are pretty common place nowadays. Sometimes all you want is a way to cart your files around, but sometimes you want that little something extra, that will set your enclosure apart from the rest. The people at CP Technologies have given us just what we wanted in the CP-USH-300 enclosure. Not only does it carry your data, but it pulls double duty as a hub for your USB devices. Really, you don’t lose a USB port when you use it; instead it gives you two to use right on the device itself. Add to that fact that the software comes preloaded on the hardware of the enclosure itself, and you’ve got that little something extra I mentioned. Click Read More to learn more about this device.


Provided By: CP Technologies

Cost: $29.95

Closer Look:

The packaging for the CP Tech USA CP-USH-300 is professional and cheerful looking. As with many well thought out packages, this packaging displays the unit itself on the front. Several of its features are listed underneath its name, as well as which series it belongs to. Several  small graphics display some of the more notable features, including a secured disk option, the ability to synchronize files and the ability to carry several programs with you for a Mobile Office.

The back of the packaging features another shot of the product itself, as well as more information. This includes Package contents, System requirements, and contact information for CP Technologies itself.  All in all, almost everything you could want to know about the device is listed either on the front or the back of the packaging.

Inside the package there is a large selection of items. Included is the enclosure itself, a cloth carrying pouch, the USB cable to connect the device, a user manual, as well as the two screws needed to seal the device after the drive has been installed.

Let’s continue our tour with a look at the enclosure itself.

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