Ineo NA301Ue 3.5” External Hard Disk Enclosure Review

In today’s review we will be taking a look at the Ineo NA301Ue 3.5” External Hard Disk Enclosure. This enclosure has something that many others don’t. With its sturdy aluminum case, smooth lines and compact size, this enclosure promises to be both highly portable and still ensure the safety of your full size SATA drives up to 1 Terabyte!  If you’re looking for a HDD enclosure to transport your all-important backups or even everyday files and have limited space in your bag, this may be the enclosure for you.

 Provided by: Ineo Technology Inc
Price: 29.99  Directron

Closer Look:

Lets take a closer look at today’s product, the Ineo NA301Ue 3.5” External Hard Disk Enclosure.  The Ineo 3.5” External Hard Disk Enclosure is a small (7 ¾” x 5” x 1 ½”) size, about the size of a large paperback book.  Inside this small package will fit a full-size 3.5” SATA drive up to 1 Terabyte.  Lets start by looking at the packaging.

The Ineo NA301Ue 3.5” External Hard Disk Enclosure comes in a cute box with a nice carry handle.  The front of the box as we see above shows a nice picture of the device and presents a good narrative of the drive.  We can also see all the requisite icons showing that the Ineo 3.5” External Hard Disk Enclosure is for SATA (serial ATA) drives, is Hot-Swappable, uses Hi-Speed USB 2.0, includes a CD, is made of Aluminum material, and is compatible with both PC and MAC.

The back gives us the Features and Specifications as well as a pictograph of how easy it is to install the HDD.  Also again are shown the icons as listed on the front.

When we first see the Ineo NA301Ue 3.5” External Hard Disk Enclosure itself there is a nice slim look to the enclosure.  No outside frills to catch on other items when you toss the enclosure in your laptop bag, backpack, or briefcase.  Another nice visual feature is the Ineo name plate and grill feature on one side.  Unfortunately this is not a cooling grill as you might suspect.  We will see how our HDD temps do in testing.

Here is the back of the unit.  We are presented with smooth surface mounted connections and a simple on/off switch.  Again no buttons or anything to catch on things.

In this picture we can see all the accessories that come with the Ineo NA301Ue 3.5” External Hard Disk Enclosure.  Included are the obligatory power supply, USB and eSATA cables.  There is also the little key used to open the enclosure (if you lose it you can use a large paperclip) and 4 little rubber feet.  I suggest putting these on the un-adorned side of the enclosure so you can lay it flat on a table.  Also is something unusual; A very nice aluminum stand to hold your enclosure upright.  What’s unusual is that it’s made from sturdy aluminum.  Many of these stands are made from plastic.  The stand has what appears to be medical grade rubber securely glued to the inside and bottom of the stand for cushioning.

Lets look at the features and specifications:

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