RayD80 Mimobot Artist Series 4GB Jumpdrive Review

I don’t know about you, but I love to collect stuff; and when you collect stuff and have a limited edition, then that’s even cooler. But so many naysayers, (Our wives mostly) say that collecting something is a waste of money and not useful at all. Well now the wise people at Mimobot have given all of us a rebuttal to the claim that something that is collectible is not useful. Enter the Mimobot RayD80 4GB Limited Edition Artist Series Jumpdrive. The one I have is 138/2000 by the way. This beautifully crafted piece of artistry is not only functional but also neat to look at. Let’s take some time now and look at what this blend of technology and artwork has to offer us.


Provided by: Mimoco

Cost: $24.95

Closer Look:

My Mimobot arrived in a clear cylindrical package, with an unimpeded view of the actual jumpdrive. Cleverly hidden inside were several accessories. There is a little jumpsuit to protect your jumpdrive, as well as a fold out information booklet; which contains directions and the like.


The drive itself is designed to appear as a small skeleton. The art is cartoony, bordering on being cute to the point of excess, but this is the general style of Mimobots. I appreciated the fact that one side of the drive displays a smiling skeleton, who appears to be eager to carry your data for you. On the other side is a more sinister figure, a skeleton who looks quite angry but will probably still carry your data for you. You’ll just have to ask nicely. The finishing touch of course is the glowing blue LED at the base of the Mimobot, which lights up when the drive is plugged in.

Let’s take a look at what comes preloaded on the Mimobot jumpdrive.

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