JETART miniSTAND NP8900 Notebook Cooler Review

!HEAT KILLS!  We all know that heat kills electronic devices.  Is it any wonder that manufacturer’s put so much attention into keeping them cool?  Here is another innovative product from JETART Technology that promises keep your laptop cool and leave plenty of room in your bag for snacks!   This is the JETART miniSTAND NP8900 Notebook Cooler!   This device is a highly portable laptop cooler that will fit your mini-notebook all the way up to your full size 15-inch laptops.  So lets dive in and take a closer look at this new piece of technology!


Provided by: JETART Technology

Price: TBA

Closer Look:

The JETART miniSTAND NP8900 Notebook Cooler is sleek and compact.  Its powered by a USB port and is very energy efficient on your battery.  Again, JETART has made efficient use of packaging for this product.  Minimal plastic packaging can be put right into your recycling bin.  No large cardboard boxes and filler here!  The front of the packaging gives you a great view of the product and is informative.  The caption on the package says it all “Minimum Size Maximum Application”. 

The back of the package gives a good view of what the product looks like under your laptop, a good description, and most important, simple pictograph instructions on using the cooler.  If you’re in the market for a small, compact mini or laptop cooler, give the JETART miniSTAND a look.

Once removed from the packaging we can see the compact design of this cooler.  At   8.7” x 3.5” x .78” and just 8.5 ounces, the JETART miniSTAND NP8900 Notebook Cooler will fit into even the smallest laptop bags.  Opened to its full size this monster measures 12.75” long and with the 17” USB cable will connect to any USB port on your laptop.  The cable fits neatly into a recess in the bottom of the cooler for easy storage.  Just make sure you wrap it to the left or you will find you can’t clip it into place.

The support pads hold your laptop securely in place keeping it from taking a walk to visit your neighbor sitting next to you in your coffee house of choice.

Take note of the foot pads.  These are sturdy and provide a 1.5” lift to your laptop helping with the ergonomic placement of your hands for those long typing sessions.

The 76mm fan on the JETART miniSTAND NP8900 Notebook Cooler provides a whopping 2300-RPM’s with minimal noise. 

As you can see from this last picture, the JETART miniSTAND NP8900 Notebook Cooler fits nicely on the bottom of my IBM Thinkpad R52.  You can also see how the USB cord nicely fits in its storage area.  The little indents on the metal rails provide secure locking at a variety of sizes.


Lets check out the specs.

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