Level One WBR-6001 N_Max Wireless N Router Review

Mobile devices and easy access to the net is becoming more and more appealing these days for most technology inclined users. The addition of wireless N routers to the telecommunications world is welcomed with open arms. What is it that makes a good router? For one the gain in which the antennas broadcast is important, this insures a better connection and further distances. Also very important is the routers through put. This is the amount of information the router is able to push through to the internet to ensure a faster connection. Let’s see how well the Level One WBR-6001 N_Max Wireless N Router performs against its competition.

Provided by: CP Tech USA

Price: $50.53

Closer Look:

The packaging is very well designed for the Level One WBR-6001 N_Max Wireless N Router. The use of black with orange makes the product stand out very well and a lot of the important information you need is clear and visible on the front of the package. If you want to get into more detail the back of the box has additional more technical information for advanced user.



The router comes with everything you need to get started: 6ft cat5 cable, power adapter, manual, software, rubber feet for the router, and the antenna’s.



The router is a nice design and comes complete with 4 hard wired ports for additional computers and the standard WAN “in” port for the internet or intranet server to plug into. The front of the router has a WPS button which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup.



Let’s check out the specs and features:


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