Level One WUA-0600 N_Max USB Wireless N Adapter Review

USB based peripherals are overtaking the market these days. With laptops only having one PCMCIA slot, USB is filling the gaps for the needs of the end user. Wireless networking is no exception to this rule. While you may get better speeds with a PCMCIA card or even a desktop PCI card, one cannot deny the fact that popping a USB dongle in for instant wireless access beats the heck out of tearing down your PC to install a PCI version. The Level One WUA-0600 N_Max USB Wireless N Adapter is one such dongle here to make your life easier. Let’s take a look at it closer:

Provided by: CP Tech USA

Price: $47.95

Closer Look:

The packaging is well designed and looks very quality for the Level One WUA-0600 N_Max USB Wireless N Adapter. All the important information is on the front of the packaging the average user would need. The back of the package breaks everything down nicely for the more advanced users out there.


Included with the USB dongle is a USB extender cable, manual, and driver/software disk.





The Level One WUA-0600 N_Max USB Wireless N Adapter is also nicely designed. It has a WPS button, a link/act LED and a WPS Auth. LED which is a nice bonus to see directly on the hard ware weather it has connection or not. (See the Specifications and Features for more info)



 Let’s check out the specs and features:

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