Blaze Optical Mini Mouse Review

Users of laptops and netbooks the world over will probably agree a touchpad is no substitute for a mouse; a regular sized mouse can sometimes be too cumbersome when traveling. The need for something smaller has led to the birth of the travel or mini mouse. The Blaze Mini Mouse is compact and functional, as well as stylish. With a resolution of 1200 DPI, the arm of your chair, your napkin, or the leg of your pant can be used as a mouse pad, all with ease and accuracy. Let’s take a closer look at this little marvel.

Provided by OverclockersHQ

Price $9.99

Closer Look:

The Blaze Optical Mini Mouse measures only 7 centimeters. It has a retractable USB cord that extends to an approximate length of 2 and 1/2 feet. This three button mouse weighs next to nothing and is USB 2.0 compatible, as are most mice nowadays.


┬áLet’s look at the specifications.

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