CS-M Weapon Of Choice AK DM Gaming Mouse Pad Review

All Right! Here is a cool looking mouse pad for all you AK47 Gamers out there! Today we are taking a look at the new CS-M Weapon Of Choice AK DM gaming mouse pad by CM STORM “Arming the Gaming Revolution”! So let’s dive in and take a look at this cool product!

 Provided by: CM STORM
Price: $15.99 CM Store

Closer Look:

The packaging for the CS-M Weapon Of Choice AK DM, while small is quite descriptive of the contents.  On the front of the packaging is of course the name of what’s inside.  There is also a small sample of the pad complete with the silk screened AK-47 emblazoned on the pad itself!  This sample allows you to experience the tactile feel of the pad.  The weave of this sample is actual size of the weave in the pad  itself.

On one side of the box we have the features and specifications.  On the other side we have a 10 out of 10 scale for a variety of items that gamers are especially interested in.  Also an introduction of the CS-M Weapon Of Choice AK DM.

In a nutshell, here is the Introduction on the package:

The CS-M Weapon of Choice AK47 professional grade gaming surface offers
a specialized heavy duty weave for high sensitivity players.  Engineered for pinpoint precision, the boosted tracking response makes even the smallest mouse movements count. The aggressive non-slip 100% natural rubber base makes thorough contact with most desktop materials, ensuring that your gaming surface stays firmly in place in the heat of battle.  To top things off, the iconic graphics send a decisive message to your fellow gamers that you mean business and wont give up in difficult situations.

Couldn’t say it better myself.  The CS-M Weapon Of Choice AK DM lives up to its name.  The silk screened AK-47 was a cool feature.  And if size is any indication of function, this oversized pad will help you blow your completion away! 

Oh! And for those of you interested, this pad is also available in the M4 variety

Lets take a look at the features and specifications for the CS-M Weapon Of Choice AK DM

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