ULTRA X4 Micro ATX 400W Modular Power Supply Review

You finally decided to get a Micro ATX board for your media box, now there are just a few more things to decide on. Now one of these things might be a small, compact case to house your home theater. With these small cases you need a small power supply to fit inside your Micro ATX case. Some of these cases come with PSUs, but most don’t come with this small bonus. Now with this small system setup you are going to want to stream line the interior and limit the cables flowing through out your case. With the ULTRA X4 Micro ATX 400W Modular Power Supply this can be easily accomplished. Let’s take a closer look at why this would make a good option:

Product Provided By: Ultra Products

Price: $59.99

Closer Look:

 ULTRA X4 Micro ATX 400W Modular Power Supply

(from here on out this product will be referred as the Ultra X4)

Now let’s take a look at the specs and features:

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