ASUS ATI Radeon EAH4550 Video Card Review

With High definition becoming more and more popular, it was only a matter of time until people started setting up their computers to be able to deal with high def monitors and TVs. Now with the help of hi def video cards, watching videos on your computer can be as crisp and clean as if you where watching them on a high end hi def TV. For our very first in house review of a video card we have the privilege of reviewing the ATI Radeon EAH4550, a card for this purpose in mind. Let’s take a closer look at our first video card:

Product Provided By: ASUS

Price: $59.00

Closer Look:

The package that the Radeon EAH4550 DDR3 512M comes in is like most video cards from ASUS. If you are new to ASUS then I will go over the details of the box. The front displays some of the features, a picture of the card itself, and also displays the ASUS female Asian warrior mascot.

The back of the box paints a clearer picture of the specs and features of the Radeon EAH4550 DDR3 512MB, It mentions some of the unique features that ASUS puts into their cards, it talks about the system requirements that you will need for this card, and something that I just noticed while typing this up was the chart that shows the maximum refresh rates for all of the different resolutions that this card can handle.

Something that I was disappointed about was that there really wasn’t much that was included with the Radeon EAH4550 DDR3 512MB. Included was an instruction manual and a couple of driver disks to install the ASUS features I mentioned earlier. One thing that did stand out as being a bonus is that for people looking to upgrade their video cards but have narrow towers this card includes a low profile bracket. It might make the card take up two PCI slots but some wider cards, and wider brackets just don’t fit in some towers so this makes this card stand out a little in this area.

The card its self is quite small but still quite powerful. As mentioned earlier it has a bracket so it can be made to fit different styles of PC towers. Something that I found to be nice was that it doesn’t need any external power. Because of its small size I found it to be extremely helpful when running the cables. With my bottom mounted PSU I used to find that some of the cables would barely reach around my video card, but with the Radeon EAH4550 DDR3 512MB I found that all of my cables could just float freely without any hassle.


Now let’s take a look at the included disks:

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