Asus Xonar D1 PCI 7.1 Sound Card Review

Good sound quality is the essence of a pleasurable home theater experience, but what about gaming? If you pair the right speakers with the right sound card you gain a competitive edge over your competition. Being able to pin point the exact location of everyone around you just by ear can mean the difference between virtual life and death. The Asus Xonar D1 PCI 7.1 Sound Card boasts a load of extras, but is it really that much better then on board memory? And what about creative they are the kings of PC audio well we will see how well the Xonar performs, but first let’s get a closer look at the card and contents:

Provided by: Asus

Price: $79.50

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Asus Xonar D1 PCI 7.1 Sound Card is very well designed with a load of information on the product. You would be hard pressed to not find the information you are looking for on this box. There is so much info the included a flap to the packaging that has even more in-depth specifications and features listed within.



Along with the Asus Xonar D1 PCI 7.1 Sound Card come the manual, driver disk, low profile adapter and optical output adapter.



The card itself is very well designed, the addition of a front panel input is a nice touch my Creative Fatal1ty Pro Gamer Sound Card didn’t have. Also included on the Xonar is an s/pdif port for sending audio signal to your VGA card for HDMI audio and video for your home theater system. Another nice bonus is the low profile face plate for smaller htpc applications.



Let’s get to the specifications and features:

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