Diamond HD4670 1GB Graphics Card Video Review

Pcwizkid reviews the Diamond HD4670 1GB Graphics card. Diamond has been around since the good ol’ Voodoo days. I used to love diamond products, and still like a lot of the stuff coming out from them to date. One thing I have noticed is that the Diamond cards coming out lately have had fairly small heatsink/fan combo’s I would hope this doesn’t effect  the over all performance of the card. Click read more for the full video review:

Diamond HD4670 1GB Specifications and Features

GPU : HD4670
ASIC Core : RV730
Core Clock : 750 Mhz
GPU Architecture :  
BUS : PCI Express x16
Ports : 2 Dual-Link DVI,Video Out [S-Video, Composite, HDTV]
Cooling : Active – FanCooler
MFG Process : 55nm fabrication process
Transistor Count : 514 million transistors on 55nm fabrication proces
Stream Processors : 320
Memory Clock : 900 Mhz
Memory Configuration : 64Mx16
Memory Type : GDDR3
Memory Bandwidth : 28.8 GB/sec
Memory Size : 1024MB
Memory Interface : 128-Bit
Direct-X : 8.0,9.0,10.0,10.1
Open GL : OpenGL 2.0
Vide Acceleration : MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV9, VC-1, and H.264
Max Resolution Analog : 1600 x 1200
Max Resolution Digital : 2560 x 1600
HDR F.Point Rendering : 128
HDR Integer : 16-bit integer or floating point
Pixel Operation : 8
Standard Slot Solution : SINGLE
HDMI : HDMI 1.2 / HDMI Ready
HDMI MODE : With Dongle
Native Display Support : 10-Bit
3D Resolution : 2560 x 1600
TV-OUT Resolution : 720
Dual Display support : Hydravision 4
Holywood Q.VIDEO : YES


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