Intec Silicone Skins Xbox 360 Controller Skin Review

If there is one thing that is for sure is that games love comfort. Gamers also like bargains and one thing that peripheral designers like Intec have is inexpensive accessories. I have used a number of different skins and controllers in the past there isn’t a lot that blows my mind these days, one thing I will say is if a controller skin provides comfort and helps with sweaty palmage then I will give it a try.


The intec silicone controller skin is going to try and step up to the plate, let’s see what it has to offer light and hardcore gamers alike.


Closer Look:

The packaging is pretty basic, it is nice and clean and not cheap looking like some bargain accessory makers. You can clearly see what you are getting which is nice cause sometimes with the cheaper stuff you are taking a chance.


The over all design of the packaging is estheticlly pleasing, nice graphics, and quality slogans. For instance the packaging says “they fit like a glove and perform like a race car” I have definitely heard cheesier lines.

Well we saw the packaging let’s have a look at what you get and what it looks like on your controller.

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