ZAGG’s Invisible Shield Review

Electronics and dirt don’t get along well. Whenever the two get together they usually fight, and dirt almost always wins by etching and scratching the screen or body of the device. Well no more, with the help of ZAGG’s Invisible Shield you can give your electronic devices the upper hand. With the promise of military grade polyurethane to stop just about anything from damaging your electronic devices, you can rest easy knowing your expensive electronic friend is safe. Now let’s take a closer look at how this miracle film works:

Provided by: ZAGG

Price: $19.95 (For Full Body Shield)

Closer Look:

Normally I would pick at the fact that you can’t see the product without opening it. Considering that this review is for something called the Invisible Shield I can understand how it would be pointless, as you would only see a couple of pieces of paper.



Included in the installation kit is a tube of Shield Spray, to make the application MUCH easier and to reduce fingerprints from being left behind. Also included was a squeegee, and two pieces of paper holding the full body Invisible Shield. There are 7 pieces for the full body PSP version; one for the front, one for the screen (why else would you buy it), one for the battery cover, one for the card reader area, and three for the UMD hatch.


Now let’s look at the features and then it’s on to the testing:

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