Cooler Master Centurian 5 II Gaming Chassis Review

December 7, 2010,   has blogged 275  posts

Customizing your electronic devices is something that only became popular in recent years. In the old days of consumer electronics and computers you had a choice between beige or beige for PC and brown or maybe black for home audio. Well things have changed; people urge to be unique has created a whole new market. …

Choiix Comforter Lapdesk Laptop Desk Review

July 12, 2010,   has blogged 9  posts

Today we will be looking at a new product from Choiix (a derivative of Cooler Master) the Comforter Lapdesk. The nice slick look of it is straight our of a sci-fi; this new laptop “lapdesk” lets you have comfort on your laptop anywhere you go due to its revolutionary design. This product allows you to …

CS-M Weapon Of Choice AK DM Gaming Mouse Pad Review

September 28, 2009,   has blogged 31  posts

All Right! Here is a cool looking mouse pad for all you AK47 Gamers out there! Today we are taking a look at the new CS-M Weapon Of Choice AK DM gaming mouse pad by CM STORM “Arming the Gaming Revolution”! So let’s dive in and take a look at this cool product!

CM STORM Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse Review

September 21, 2009,   has blogged 31  posts

COOL! Today we get a first hand look at a brand-new-not-yet-released-for-sale product from CM STORM, a division of CoolerMaster. This is the CM STORM Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse. A highly customizable mouse that promises to maximize your gaming experience! Lets get to gaming and see what this wonder can do!

Cooler Master SNA 95 Notebook Charger Review

August 13, 2009,   has blogged 275  posts

One of the biggest problems with laptops since they started making them is the need for a brand specific charge cable. Finding after market cables to replace lost or damaged cables can often be a choir and usually ends up costing a lot more then you planed on paying. The people at Cooler Master saw …