Levelone N_Max 300mbps Wireless Router and USB Dongle Review

April 27, 2010,   has blogged 9  posts

Today in this world media is clogging every square inch that is next to our walls with wires upon wires. Now today that is the main concern in media development, they’re trying to get past the “wire age” so it is called. One product that is breaking this trend is the Level one wireless router, …


Levelone 300 Mbps Wireless N USB Dongle Review

December 28, 2009,   has blogged 275  posts

Wireless G was an amazing step forward for wireless technology then came super G which was even more impressive. Being able to send data at the same rate as your wired 10/100 hard wire was something most people never thought possible when the first iterations of wireless technology came into play. While we aren’t seeing …