Arctic Sound S111 Dice Speakers Review

Portable audio is becoming just as important as mobile computing. Being able to play your tunes when ever, and where ever you like is a luxury that modern technology has made accessible to just about everyone. We have been looking at a number of products from Arctic sound and So far the consensus is that their products are pretty top notch. Today we will be taking a look at the Arctic Sound S111 Portable Dice Speakers, let’s see if they are up to par with what we have seen so far:


Provided by: Arctic Cooling

Price: $15.45

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

The ARCTIC SOUND S111 is a set of compact, dice-shaped portable speakers. It has a one meter cable length with 3.5 millimeter stereo jack to connect to any laptop, MP3 player or many mobile phones. The ARCTIC SOUND S111 also features a large volume control knob for users to adjust volume easily.  As the ARCTIC SOUND S111 is a USB-powered speaker, it can easily be powered by a laptop without additional cables or adapters. It is an accompaniment for laptops and can be used as a replacement of the mostly mediocre built-in speakers in laptops. The ARCTIC SOUND S111 can amplify the volume at a greater extent, while vocals and bass are still well balanced. 

Main features

  • Compact dice-shape speakers – portable and lightweight
  • Balanced vocals and bass for natural sound response 
  • Built-in volume control 
  • USB-powered 
  • 3.5mm jack – compatible with computers, MP3, DVD, CD players


Since the ARCTIC SOUND S111 is small and lightweight, it is highly portable and versatile. When using the ARCTIC SOUND S111 without a PC or laptop, it can work with a USB charger, such as the ARCTIC C1 GT and ARCTIC C1 Mobile. Connecting the ARCTIC SOUND S111 with a USB charger allows you to play music even when there are no computers around.
The ideal combination for the beach: ARCTIC POWER C1 Mobile and ARCTIC SOUND S111.



Over all the dice speakers performed quite well. The sound quality was very impressive. Dynamite does come in small packages and in this case the cliché is still true. These little speakers pump out big sound. The treble is clean and the mids are nice and easy on the ears. I have used a lot of portable speakers and bass is never a highlight, but I will give credit where credit is due, for their size the Arctic Sound S111 Dice Speakers did a remarkable job with bass.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, it is well built well priced and the sound is pretty decent. If you are in the market for portable speakers I would suggest grabbing a set of these for sure.

  • Price
  • Quality of Sound
  • Bass (for their size)
  • Great Design


  • For its cost and size it does what it should so no cons this time…


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