Bgears Vibro Plug and Play Sound System Speaker Review

Mobile computing is becoming a necessary evil these days, bringing your office with you is just becoming a way of life. All work and no play is never an option, if you want to live a full filling life you need to take a break now and then from work. For this reason websites like facebook, myspace and youtube are gaining users left and right. People like to write friends see what’s going on and an even larger percentage love their multimedia. This is where we find a serious lack in quality and loudness of mobile computing devices. Most of us resort to ear or headphones because the speakers on our laptops are crap, to say the least. Bgears has made a new product called the Vibro that can convert virtually any surface into a high performance speaker system. For a fraction of the cost of a larger desktop speaker system you can get quality output from just about anything. Let’s take a look and see how well it performs:


Provided by: Bgears

Price: $29.99

Closer Look:

Specifications and Features:

  • Compact design replaced the traditional huge speakers with messy wiring.
  • Power and Play music through one USB connetion.
  • Plug and Play. No Driver needed.
  • Utilize the whole table surface as a virtual surround sound speaker.
  • Compatible with all Operating System: Windows or Apple.
  • Low Power Consumption and RoHS compliant.
Power Dissipation: Max:2.5W
Input Voltage: 5V
Audio Input: Digital signal
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Thermal Protection: 85°C
Operating Conditions : Temperature:0°C∼+40°C

Humidity: 10%∼80%

Storage Conditions: Temperature:-20°C∼+40°C

Humidity: 10%∼90%

Unit Size: 60x60x45.5mm
Weight: 300g


Testing and Conclusion:

I used the Bgears Vibro on almost every surface you can think of around my office: desks, tables, boxes, plastic chairs, pretty much whatever I could get my hands one. The surfaces I found that worked the best were boxes and paper cups. Is it the best speaker system I have ever heard? No. Are they an impressive innovation? That I would have to say yes, the Vibro is a ton of sound in a tiny package if you combine it with the right circumstances. Even blowing up a balloon or ziplock bag can act as a very impressive sounds cone for the Vibro.

If you are a gadget junkie then this is the exact speaker system you want for your laptop, if not purely for the potential for experimentation. I saw a similar product at CES I cannot remember the companies name but it was the same concept only it had a sticky pad so you can stick it to anything. It was impressive how much sound came from that unit but the driver on the Vibro is significantly larger and puts out a lot more sound.

Would I recommend this product? Sure, it is portable decent sound quality and a very cool innovation. I am looking forward to the future with some even more perfected models but for now this one is worth getting for anyone that doesn’t want headphones anymore and can’t stand dragging larger speaker systems around with them.


  •  Price
  • Innovative
  • Compact
  • Decent sound quality
  • Loud with the right surface
  • Plug and Play Sound Card and Drives Built in


  • Some Surfaces Sound Horrible
  • Would like to see a 3.5mm Jack Version for MP3 Players


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