Boomphones Q5 1.0 Headphones Review

boomphones small picMusic is part of our culture as people not just as countries or nations. Humans are wired with a love of music and grow a taste for a variety of sounds. I firmly believe that everyone should have a decent pair of headphones, speakers, or both. So today I will look at the Boomphones Q5 1.0 quad series headphones to see if it can offer you a ideal listening experience.


Provided by: BOOMPHONES
Price: 199.99

Closer Look:

Technical Specifications:


Type High Fidelity Stereo headset with Bass Boost amplifier chipset
Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity for internal speakers 119dBS.P.L @ 1 kHz
Output power for external speakers 2W @ THD =10% @1 kHz
Stereo separation channel to channel 60 dB
Impedance of internal speakers 32 ohms
Impedance of external speakers 4 ohms
Operational temperature -10 ˚C to 40 ˚C
Battery type Lithium battery; 3.7V


  • Comfortable design
  • Amplified bass mode
  • External Speaker mode
  • Rechargeable lithium battery + mini USB charger
  • Interchangeable cables (One with inline mic and volume control for hands free mobile phone use.)
  • Stereo Jack adapter



 boomphones close up

boomphones case

For the testing phase I first made sure to properly wear the boomphones in by playing them for a 24-hour period. Next I will break down the testing into four categories; treble, mids, bass, and speed.


Pass. It handled it wonderfully which shows that they didn’t just make sure that the bass was good but that all parts preformed at there optimum. Clear and crisp highs all the way through.

Pass. Great sounding vocals and guitar. There was no distortion at all unless of course there was supposed to be. No problems differentiating between back-up and lead vocals and guitars. The mids were all around smooth sounding, clear and awesome.

Pass. I love bass and since these headphones have a bass amplifier if they couldn’t bring it then I wouldn’t recommend them but what can I say, they gave greatly in this regard. It was clear, deep and  exhilarating to hear.

Pass. No blending with quick parts like snare rolls or any other rapid areas.

A great overall listening experience and they were very comfortable, I barely felt them at all. Something that I appreciate is that they made sure that all parts of the headphones were up to snuff including the exterior which not only looks great but cool (like a black suit with a red tie). During the testing I used the bass amp as I believe people would mostly use that but I will say a couple of things about the external and non amp parts. First without the bass amp on it still sounds great but of course less intense bass. There was certainly no degradation of sound quality. The external speakers was surprisingly clear and was able to have a high volume without sounding the lease bit blended, muffled or anything like that. This is one awesome set of headphones that I would most definitely recommend.


  • Great sound in every mode
  • Stylish
  • Good carrying case
  • Superb amplified bass
  • Useful included parts


  • Only one color choice

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