Hifiman RE 252 IEM Earbuds Review

http://www.head-direct.com/upload/2009Nov22211207_IMG_3199.JPG.FB.150.150.jpgAnyone that has frequented our site knows that we love our audio. For me personally nothing compares to sitting back in a listening room or with a fantastic set or headphones or IEM’s and zoning out for an hour or two listening to quality music. The problem with being an audio enthusiast is, you tend to be constantly trying to find the best possible products and tuning your systems to fit your personal preference. The unfortunate part of this is that a quality system can run you upwards of $5000 for a decent desktop amp headphone combo or even in the hundreds of thousands for a decent set of speakers, mono blocks, and preamps.  Our friend over at Head-Direct.com has heard our please for quality with an inexpensive price tag and given us the hifiman series of products. We have already reviewed a pair of the RE0’s and I was completely blown away with the quality in comparison to the price, today we will be listening to the new RE-252’s let’s see how they did:

Provided by: Head-Direct

Price: $199

Closer Look (Testing):


Specifications and Features:


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Silver Coil for more real bass
  • Powerfull 9mm Neodymium magnet drivers
  • Iphone compatible 3.5mm miniplug

Driver Diameter: 9mm
Impedence: 16 Ohm
Sensitivity: 103 db/ mw
Rate Input: 2 mw; Maximium Input: 15mw
Frequency Response: 16 Hz to 22kHz

30 Days refund, 1 year replacement warranty.



As always this product impressed me as do most of Head-Directs products. For the record I have no stocks or affiliations with Head-Direct.com but I do very much appreciate their products and customer service. Although we work with a number of major manufacturers on this site I always like to try products for the lesser known companies because the little guys are the ones that need the coverage especially companies like hifiman because they make some of the best products I have ever used.

If you love your audio and are in the market for a new set of buds I strongly suggest picking up a pair of the RE-252’s from Head Direct or if they are out of your price range my second personal favourite would be the RE0’s. If you are a collector I suggest trying out a few of the Yuin Earphones as well I tried the OK1’s at the show (CES) and loved them.


  • Price for Quality Ratio 
  • Inclusion of 2 Double Flange Silicon Tips
  • Heavy Duty Shielding
  • FANTASTIC Sound Quality
  • Gold Connector
  • Sounds Incredible With HiFiman Tube Amp
  • Works Great With my iPhone


  • It was Hard on my ears to Begin with But I did finally Break them in Since the Video
  • Rubber on the Buds is a Lint Collector




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