JM Focal Chorus Series Speaker Review

You can read many reviews about many speakers.  You won’t find many speakers like the JM Focal Chorus Series.  For those audiophiles reading this you well know the fine tradition of Focal. This family company, which since its inception in 1979, has burgeoned – because they build something special.Let’s get a good look at their Chorus Series Speaker and see what you can expect from your, not so average grade, speakers:


Provided by: Voice and Vision Audio / Plurison


  • Chorus 705 S      $495.00 CDN
  • Chorus 714 S       $995.00 CDN
  • Chorus CC700 S   $550.00 CDN

Closer Look:



Focal 705

  • Number of Speakers : 2
  • Impedance : 8
  • Power admitted (W) : 60
  • Bandwith : 67 – 22000 Hz
  • Sensibility (dB/W/m) : 88.5
  • Dimensions : 30 x 18.2 x 20.7
  • Weight : 4.3 kg

 Focal CC700

  • Number of Speakers : 3
  • Impedance : 8
  • Power admitted (W) : 150
  • Tweeter : 25 mm
  • Medium : 2 x 165 mm
  • Bandwith : 61 – 28 kHz
  • Sensibility (dB/W/m) : 91.0
  • Dimensions : 185 x 493 × 229 mm
  • Weight : 7.5 kg

Focal 714S

  • Number of Speakers : 3
  • Impedance : 8
  • Spikes
  • Bi-Wiring Compatible
  • Power admitted (W) : 90
  • Tweeter : 25 mm
  • Medium : 140 mm
  • Boomer : 140 mm
  • Bandwith : 50 – 28 kHz
  • Sensibility (dB/W/m) : 91.0
  • Dimensions : 90 x 20 × 27 cm
  • Weight : 13.7 kg


I listened to these speakers on a Harmon Kardon AVR 135 and a NAD T 514 DVD Player, as well with a Cambridge and NAD amplifiers in the store.  My set is connected to the HK AVR, plus a digital satellite feed running a toss link into the amp, as well the NAD DVD player is running a toss link into the HK.  I use equal length nitrogen impinged coated wire for no radio wave or electrical current interference. All tests were on carpeted floor.

Hearing these is a real joy for those who are normally confronted with your standard box stereo systems.  Some Yamaha or Pioneer even Denon speakers have plenty of punch.  Compared with these Focals it is like listening to a live concert or hearing the teacher on the Peanuts drone on and on and on.


 I can tune in to live jazz on HD close my eyes and feel those high notes on the trumpet.  You can hear the cellist’s bow as it touches the strings. What I am getting at is the range of sound and projection of the high and mid range is exactly what your ear expects to hear and nothing more. Clear, true, pure no sibilance. 

LOW Range:

As you can see in the specs the Hertz rating is not as low as you can hear.  It is more than sufficient for music and most cinematic experiences. I would recommend a sub woofer for the real home theatre enthusiast.


It is a joy to plug these in and hear the room fill with sound. They are indeed special; they are audiophile for a reason. I have two of 714 S as my front speakers, a CC700 S as my center, and two of the 705 S bookshelf speakers as my rears. 

Would I recommend this product? — I do enjoy the brightness of these speakers when listening to jazz and vocals.  They have a full range of sound with no sibilance. With movies, the sound projects around and behind, filling the room when appropriate. Good sound projection is a quality hard to find in speakers. I have heard many speakers in home theater settings as well as two channel audio. Rest assured you will not be disappointed with these Chorus series speakers.  Although these are the low end of Focal they are worth the investment for those who love fine sound. 

• Clarity and range is excellent less low range.
• Voicing and projection are superior.
• Attractive and well thought out dimension – can fit any room.
• Excellent efficiency – good sound at low volume.

• Cost is high and dealers are hard to find unless you order on line.
• Low range could drop a few Hertz.


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