Gamer Grub Snack for Gamers Review

Gaming and food go hand in hand. I don’t game as much as I used to but when I was an avid gamer I found myself eating a lot of greasy cheesy goodness. The problem with the greasy cheesy goodness it that it is, you guessed it, greasy AND cheesy, I know right?…Anyways cheese and grease equal poor peripheral functionality, what does this mean? Simply put keyboard and mice don’t like grease and cheese. It is a sad fact that cheese and electronics getting together ends up with a horrible love child of hard cheese and electronic death; not a pretty situation to find yourself in. This is where we find fantabulous (and other amazing made up words) products like Gamer Grub. Gamer Grub Boasts a big game of on the fly grab and slam eating without the sticky, greasy, gooey mess of all of your other favourite snacks. How can this be? You may ask? Let’s find out: Provided by: Gamer Grub

Price: $5.74

Closer Look and Testing:



In summation Gamer Grub is everyone of my lifes dream culminated in snack form, okay that may be a little bit of an exaggeration but it is freakin delicious one might even say fantabulous (if one suffered from a horrible loss of vocabulary). What was I saying….Ahh yes Gamer Grub is good although PB and J isn’t my favourite choice Pizza made up for the slack. The fact that you can grab the bag and eat with one hand and without having to wipe your hands off afterward is a great plus. Also the pieces are just the right size and they don’t stick together and smack you in the face with one big lump all at once making for a pleasurable experience all the way through.
Would I recommend this product? Absolutely I love gamer grub and you should too and if you don’t hen I have nothing more to say to you….go on…leave already…..Now that he’s gone I will say this: Go buy a bag and give it a try it is awesome stuff for gamers of all creeds and geek levels.


  • Mmmm
  • 4 Flavors
  • No Mess
  • Somewhat Better for you than Most Snack Choices
  • Stay Fresh Seal
  • One Hand


  • Not Free…but what can you do





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