Budget Film making – Convert a Car LCD Screen to a Portable Video Monitor Guide

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:uKnusG26nJOmMM:http://www.bf-china-factory.com/img/car-dvd-player-1/CR023-011A.jpgWe know how hard it can be as an independent filmmaker, with all the costly equipment and pricy permits it can be almost impossible to get to production without some sort of investment from someone with money. The problem with getting investors is that they always have their own opinions and your artistic vision ends up out the windows. That is why we decided to give some tips, builds and tricks for budget filmmakers to make the best production they can on the least amount of money. Let’s see how you can save serious coin by rigging up your own LCD monitor for under $100:


The Build:

1 car lcd screen

1 12v batterpack

some wire and solder

Optional: Switch


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