Akasa Crypto Mini ITX PC Chassis HTPC Case Review

http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/Pk1eJ73zA6g/default.jpgDesktop space is starting to come at a premium. Businesses need to hire more people today than ever before due to the need for professionals to help other professionals be professional. Okay so my introduction to this review may be a little more convoluted than usual but let’s ignore that for a second. Technology has been shrunk down in order to accommodate for desk space and media room space. We have been seeing more power in boxes a quarter the size of a regular PC’s, with more power than computers we seen on the market even as recently as 5 years ago. These mini itx PC’s are changing the face of the casual gamers and users of the world for the better and companies like Akasa are making the switch for the end user even more appealing with their latest batch of itx grade PC cases. We have not just a case but also a power supply all in one ready to go for a fresh build, let’s get a good look at the Akasa Crypto Mini itx Case:

Provided by: Akasa

Price: TBA

Closer Look:

Specifications and Features:

Compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards
Ultra compact and stylish design – digital lifestyle made easy
Easy access I/O panel in the front
5.25″ slim drive compatible
LED indicators for power on, HDD and LAN activity
Optional 80W power adapter


The overall build quality of the Akasa Crypto was great, not only was there plenty of great options Akasa’s designers managed to design it in such a way so as to fit it a very low profile 65mm enclosure. The Crypto is great looking and has a place on any workstation desk or media stand. The ability to build in this enclosure was pretty simple it can be difficult dealing with multi stage building as is the case with most itx cases. If you forget one step you have to take a few pieces off to get to it and correct it. Akasa made great use of a very cramped space so building in this enclosure was nowhere near as hard as some itx chassis I have worked with in the past.

Would I recommend this product? For everyone? No, if you are looking to build a great looking media box or workstation then yes. This enclosure has everything you need to build a great looking simple itx pc while maximizing the potential of an enclosure of this size.


  • Sleek Design
  • Low Profile
  • Black on Chrome Looks Great
  • Easy to Work in


  • No 5.25 or 3.5 Support but This is a Con Just for the Sake of Having a con

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