Azza Fantom 900 Full Tower PC Chassis Review

Serious gamers need serious hardware; tons of fans and quality gear are a must. When we first reviewed the Solano 1000 we were incredibly impressed with its performance and “bang for your buck” attributes. Azza has welcomed us again to try out the Azza Fantom which is essentially the exact same case with one led HDD rack and a snazzy new bezel. Let’s take a close look at this case and see how well it stands up next to the latest Thermaltake:

Provided By: Azza

Price: $109.99


Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:

Model Name: Fantom 900
Model Number: CSAZ-900
Type: ATX Mid Tower
Color: Black
Material: Japanese SECC Steel/Aluminum
With Side Panel Window: Yes
With Power Supply: No
Motherboard Compatibility: ATX, Micro ATX
External 5.25″ Drive Bay: 5
External 3.5″ Drive Bay: 1
Internal 3.5″ Drive Bay: 4
Expansion: 7
Front Ports
Front Ports 2 x USB, Audio, Mac
Cooling System
230mm Fan: 1 x 230mm blue LED silent fan (24DBA) on top
1 x 230mm blue LED silent fan (24DBA) on the side
140mm Fan: 1x140mm blue LED silent fan (19DBA) in front
120mm Fan: 1x120mm fan in rear
Physical Spec
Dimensions (H x W x D): 20.5″ (520mm) x 8.1″ (205mm) x 19.7″ (500mm)
Ultra-efficiency Cooling System: 1 x 230mm top fan (exhaust)
1 x 230mm side fan (intake)
2x 140mm front fan (intake), providing exceptional air flow to cool the HDD
1 x 120mm rear fan (exhaust)
Bottom-mounted Power Supply: Power supply is bottom-mounted, can be installed facing either up or down. Pre-drilled holes located at bottom, allowing efficient air flow when power supply is installed facing downward
Cable Management: Cable is organized behind the pre-drilled motherboard tray, allowing better cable routing and internal air flow?
Easy Assembling: Thumb screw design for easy assembling of optical drive and HDD; Thumb screw design also for the side panel
Maximum Compatibility: Compatible with ATX, Micro ATX and all kinds of Nvidia, ATI long graphic card, and most water cooling systems;Server-like HDD cages can accommodate up to 4 HDD; equipped with 1 x 140mm front fan for overheat prevention
USB & Audio Ports Located on Top: USB & audio ports are located on the top panel, allowing easy access


Testing Setup:

  •  Asus P6T SEX58 Motherboard
  • Core i7 920 CPU
  • 6GB Crucial Balistix 8-8-8-24 1600mHz
  • Asus EAH 4850
  • 750 GB Seagate Barracuda
  • Vista Ultimate 64bit
  • Inwin 850 Commander Series PSU
  • EAH 4850


For testing I will regulate the room temperature at a constant 23 Degrees Celsius. I will be making note of the idle and load of the gpu, cpu, HDD, and ambient case temps for all of the cases. The cases being tested will be the Zero 2 (with full fan compliment), Azza Fantom 900, and the Thermaltake Element T.







Idle: 30

Load: 40

Idle: 70

Load: 70

Idle: 32

Load: 32

Idle: 24

Load: 24


Idle: 31

Load: 43

Idle: 64

Load: 66

Idle: 26

Load: 26

Idle: 24

Load: 24


Idle: 32

Load: 42

Idle: 72

Load: 78

Idle: 26

Load: 28

Idle: 25

Load: 26

 Over all the NZXT did the best but in order to achieve those temps I added the optional 4 120mm fans and the 2 extra 80mm fans which also included the stock 3 120mm fans. That being said the clear winner between the azza and the Thermaltake was the AZZA Fantom 900. Without the optional side fan installed on the Element T the GPU temps are drastically affected. Let’s See the final thoughts:


In the end Azza showed me again why I like their products. Essentially it is the same case as the Solano, so why mess with a good thing it has all the good features of the Solano and a beautiful looking Bezel. I have just as much love for this case as I did the Solano and currently my two main rigs are sporting AZZA cases unless something miraculous happens and there is a whole new wave on new case designs coming that blow me away like the Azza series of chassis.
Would I recommend this product? I think the last paragraph speaks for itself. If you are an enthusiast and want serious cooling with an awesome look this chassis is the one for you.


  • Pretty New Bezel
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Blue LED’s
  • Big Fans
  • Thumbscrews
  • Bottom Mount PSU
  • 3-Way Toggle for top fan


  • I would like to see the HDD’s Turned 90 Degrees
  • Modding Needed for High Profile CPU Coolers




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