AZZA Helios 910 Case Review

This is the AZZA Helios 910 mid-tower case. Helios was the ancient god of the sun. AZZA says this case is “engineered to satisfy the needs of PC Enthusiasts and Gamers” and claims an Ultra-efficiency Cooling System. With 4 included cooling fans, including a monster 230mm one in the side lets hope it keeps the god Helios at bay. Is this just another pretty case with blue lights? Or do we really have a case worthy of another award from OverclockersHQ! Today, we find out. Our feature pic to the left is the 910R. The inside of the “R” is painted red and very cool looking.

 Closer Look:

Provided by: AZZA

Price: 79.99 Newegg

 Ok.  Lets start by checking out the packaging.  Here we have the front of the box with the AZZA logo and their mission statement “ONE VISION, ONE MISSION”.  There is of course the name of the case, Helios 901, in some fancy Celtic lettering.  Also a nice 3D view of the case and an image with both LED colors.  The back of the box is the same as the front.

The side of the box gives you all the specs and features.  An important place for any serious builder to focus their attention.

Here we go with our first look at the AZZA Helios 910.  Here you can see the monster side fan and the 9 bay covers.  On the far right are the front USB and media ports.  The classic sleek, shiny black color works well on this seemingly simple case.

Here is a straight on view of the HUGE 230mm fan on the side of the case.  There is some serious air being moved by that fan.

And the front view.  At the top we have an open bay cover that is ready for your old-fashioned floppy disk drive or media card reader (you can move this down or just remove it if you want your DVD/CD drive here).  Just to the right of that is your power button and power LED.  A few inches down is your reset button, HDD LED, 2 USB ports, mic and headphone jacks, and 2 more USB ports.

And finally to finish off the outside, here is a rear view.  In keeping with the rest of the case, the rear panel is sleek and shiny black.  So many case manufactures will leave this are the same dull silver that we are so used to seeing.  Even the PCI slot covers are black.  A+ for this AZZA!  You can also see the 120mm fan for pulling hot air out of the AZZA Helios 910, and the two grommets for a liquid cooling system.  The power supply mounts in the bottom of the case.

On to our inside views

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