Cooler Master CM Storm Sniper Gaming Chassis Review

What do you look for in a gaming case? do you look for great customization options, do you look for ways to connect large 200mm fans everywhere you can, maybe you want something that is more convenient to carry then most cases, or maybe you look for a case with no flair but has a massive internal compartment with lots of room to work in. well with the Cooler Master CM Storm Sniper you can have all of this, minus the no flair part. With this “mid-tower” case (its one drive off of being a full tower) you get tons of room to work in, great cooling options and air flow, as well as a case as tough as a brick crap house, only with much nicer looks. Let’s take a closer look at this monster of a case and see what else it has in store for us:

Product Provided By: Cooler Master

Price: $179.99 (also Suggest the additional 200mm Side fan $19.99)

Closer Look:

 Cooler Master CM Storm Sniper Gaming Chassis

 Let’s take a look at the specs and features:

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