Cooler Master USP 100 PC Case and 550W PSU Combo Review

When building a PC for the first time it can be difficult to choose components. If you have no idea what you are doing picking quality parts usually becomes difficult. The best way to educate yourself is to check out sites like ours and get a good foundation of knowledge before you make the tough decisions. Some companies make this a bit easier. Chassis and PSU’s can be expensive and buying them separately can be expensive. Lower end companies have a ton of “combo” chassis that include a PSU. Most of the time these PSU’s are cheap garbage and you end up building a nice system that blue screens every 10 minutes. Cooler Master has been a trusted company for both power supplies and chassis for a long time for the gaming and enthusiasts market. Recently they have been focusing on a broader market of consumers and building quality components for the average user. Today we will be looking at a smoking combo from the CM team the USP 100. Let’s get a good look at this chassis psu combo and see if it is the answer you were looking for, for your next build:

Provided by:Cooler Master

Price: $99.99

Closer Look:

Specifications and Features:

Available Color Front bezel: red / Case body: black
Material Body: steel / Bezel: mesh and plastic
Dimension (W / H / D) 214 x 483 x 508 mm / 8.43 x 19.02 x 20 inch
Weight Net Weight: 7.2 kg/ 15.87 lbs
M/B Type Micro-ATX / ATX
5.25″ Drive Bay 4 Exposed
3.5 Drive Bay 6 Hidden
1 Exposed
I/O USB 2.0 x 2 , MIC x 1, Audio x 1 (supports HD audio)
Expansion Slots 7
Cooling System Front: 120 x 25mm fan x 1 / Red LED / 1200 RPM / 19 dBA (pre-installed)
Bottom: 80 / 90 / 120 mm fan x1 (optional)
Rear: 80 / 90 / 120 mm fan x1 (optional)
Side: 80 / 90 / 120 mm fan x1 (optional)
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 (optional) INCLUDED: eXtreme Power Plus 550w


If you are looking for a top notch psu chassis combo look no further. The quality Cooler Master puts out makes the USP100 an obvious choice for the beginner builder. 550W is more than enough power for a midrange build and the chassis has a ton of great features that cases twice the price include. Although I stick love the black interior over grey then USP is a great all around case and the power supply has more than enough expansion cables to accommodate your next build.

Would I recommend this combo? Absolutely, if you are a beginner builder, or an advanced builder putting together a midrange build for a family member the Cooler Master USP 100 is the right choice for the job. You can check out the best rgb case for your next build.


  • Price
  • 550W PSU
  • Great Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Great for Entry Level Builders


  • Grey Interior

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