CoolerMaster Centurion 5 II PC Chassis Japanese Red Edition Review

Today, we bring you the newest addition to the Cooler Master Centurion series. The Cooler Master Centurioin 5 II, with a new stunning look. In today’s market people are looking to be unique and be able to have a PC that really stands out. The only problem you may encounter with customizing your PC is that it usually makes a pretty decent sized dent in your wallet. Well worry no more the people at Cooler Master bring us the consumers a great price but also a brand new look. With the red with black highlighted interior this case will definitely bring some attention to your PC, also with the addition of the tool less design it is very consumer friendly. Let’s check it out and see if this is the case for you:


Provided by: Cooler Master

Price: Approx $58.99

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:



With there being so many cases out there now for PC gamers and enthusiasts it can be hard to find the right case for you. The Centurion 5 II from Cooler Master comes is under $60 and has many great features such as a side viewing window with lots of cooling expansion, easy toolless design, and also the ability to easily work with putting in after market cooling, thanks to the new design of the retaining hole behind your CPU. This case is a great addition of Cooler Master selection, with a lot of great features I believe it is a strong contender for the sub $60 market.

Would I recommend this chassis? yes, it has lots of expansion and tons of modding potential. Is it the best Case on the market? No, but, it definitely is worth looking into. For what it comes with that small price tag it is a great contender in the Gamer and enthusiast market.


  • Price
  • Side Windows
  • Design
  • Well Built
  • Expansion Space


  • Not Available in North America yet


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