In-Win Allure PC Chassis Review

In the world of product review some sites pick and choose what they want to review. OverclockersHQ is not one of those sites we take it all because our main focus is appealing to everyone not select groups. This makes it difficult to market the site but on the other hand we review things we normally wouldn`t choose for ourselves. Sometimes we end up liking the product we normally wouldn`t touch with a 10 foot pole. Today I am going to be reviewing the least manly case I have ever seen.  If I were to ever sport this case at a lan party I would be promptly B*slapped and laughed at. I got this case for my wife but for all intents and purposes I was impressed and you will see why. Let’s check out the In0Win Allure PC Chassis a little closer:


Provided by: In Win


Price: $131.24

Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:

Case Size:
Mini Tower
Automobile paint plastic front panel 0.8mm Japanese Steel Body
14.6” x 7.5” x 18.5” 370mm × 190mm ×470mm
Data Security:
Padlock loop for padlock
Power Supply:
ATX 12V PS/2
I/O Expansion Slots:
Thermal Solution:
Intel Certified TAC1.1 Smart-3D UniDuct™ & PCI Vent Hole 12 cm Ceramic Bearing Rear Fan
Front I/O:
IEEE 1394A*1(FireWire) HD/AC’ 97 Audio USB2.0 × 2
External Drive Bay:
3.5”× 2 5.25” × 2
Internal Drive Bay:
5.25” × 2 3.5” × 2
Meets RoHS CE and FCC Class B Requirement
8cm Front Fan Chassis Intrusion Switch


Sparkling with 70 pieces of Swarovski crystals, Allure is a fitting name for the all-new chassis design from In Win. Not only is it easy on the eyes, the Allure is also easy on the inside with a tool free mechanical design which makes assembly seem effortless. The rounded edges and distinct floral design pave the way for a new computing experience, aesthetically pleasing and ultimately beautiful. The front panel flares up and slides effortlessly into the top of the chassis with a single touch.

Testing Setup:

  • Intel E6600
  • Asus P5B Motherboard
  • 4GB Ballistix Tracers
  • ATI HD2400
  • 400W Ultra X4 micro atx PSU
  • 320GB HDD
  • XP SP3


For the testing section I will be running at an ambient room temperature of 22.7 degrees to ensure a controlled testing platform. Because I do not have any mATX cases on hane I will be testing the Allure against some gaming Cases. I will be putting it up against the In Win B2 Bomber and the NZXT Tempest. I will be testing the case, cpu, and HDD temps for both load and idle. Idle > xx/xx < load. All will be in degrees F


Case Temp











B2 Bomber




Needless to say I was very surprised at the Allure’s performance. I couldn’t believe such a tiny case held its own against 2 gaming rigs. The fact that the Allure  only has 1 fan compared to the Tempest which has over 6 huge fans is mind boggling the guys in the engineering department should be proud.

I was absolutely impressed with the allure it had amazing features and was so easy to strip down and rebuild I couldn’t believe it. For a case designed with the female of the species in mind they did a good job of making us male counterparts jealous. I showed this case to my buddies after I built the PC for my wife and they laughed at my girly case. I then showed them how fast I could tear it down and all the features it had and they stopped laughing. In-Win needs to make more color options because the more people see and use this case the more impressed they will be with it like I was.

Would I recommend this case? Absolutely it was by far the best designed mATX chassis I have ever seen. The 100% tool-less design was very well made and I did not worry about my cards or ODD moving anywhere. I will admit I scoffed and made fun of the case a bit in the video but all joking aside I love this case and I am genuinely considering bringing it to a lan party partially as a joke and partially to completely school everyone at any game so they can say they were destroyed by the guy with the girls case.


  • Pearl/Powder Coating
  • Tool-less
  • Easy to Work in
  • Front Panel Flips up
  • Quick and Fast Breakdown of the Case
  • Although Girly the Case Design is Very Well Done


  • I Would Like to see a HDD Fan
I know I am going to regret giving this award as far as my position as a manly man goes but this case deserve the highest award even though it has sparkly things and flowers.


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