In-Win B2 Stealth Bomber PC Chassis Review

Speed, stealth, and function are important for more than just a military air craft. Using the design and overall theme of an aircraft the people at in-win came out with the B2 Stealth Bomber PC Chassis. Combining form function and silence all in one packaged they seek to surgically strike there competition with a carefully planned airstrike from their latest case. There is a lot of competition in the gaming chassis world so In-Win is going to need a top quality product to break into the market. Let’s take this puppy out for a spin and see how she handles:  Provided by: In Win

Price: $109.79

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

Case Size:
Mini Tower
Unique Dark Metallic Plastic Panels 0.8mm Japanese Steel
17.1”x9.3”x20.7” 435x235x525mm
Data Security:
Padlock loop for padlock
Power Supply:
ATX 12V PS/2
I/O Expansion Slots:
7 PCI/AGP Slots
Thermal Solution:
Smart-3D UniDuct™ 12cm Ceramic Fans at Front & Rear Panels VGA Turbo Cooling System with 8cm Side Ceramic Fan x 2 Support Water-Cooling
Front I/O:
e-SATA*2 IEEE 1394A*1(FireWire) HD/AC’ 97 Audio USB2.0 × 2
External Drive Bay:
5.25” × 4 3.5”× 2
Internal Drive Bay:
3.5” x 5
Meets RoHS CE and FCC Class B Requirement

Modeled after one of the most recognizable jets in the world, the features of the all-new In Win B2 Bomber will surely get you noticed amongst a crowd of gaming elites. If the auto-sensing front door doesn’t do it for you, perhaps the W-shaped side intakes inspired by the Stealth Bomber will. Throughout the chassis you’ll find four high quality ceramic fans, lasting longer and running quietly to provide a superb cooling process. Ultimately stylish and completely innovative, this chassis will have you “flying” over the competition.

Testing Setup:

  • Intel E6600
  • Asus P5B Motherboard
  • 4GB Ballistix Tracers
  • ATI HD2400
  • 400W Ultra X4 micro atx PSU
  • 320GB HDD
  • XP SP3


For the testing section I will be running at an ambient room temperature of 22.7 degrees to ensure a controlled testing platform.  I will be putting it up against the In Win Allure and the NZXT Tempest. I will be testing the case, cpu, and HDD temps for both load and idle. Idle > xx/xx < load. All will be in degrees F


Case Temp











B2 Bomber




Unfortunately the B2 seemed to lack in the CPU cooling part of the testing but stood out in the HDD temps. I normally like to see improvements on CPU temps with a case but if you love the case you can easily remedy this issue with a better air cooler or a water cooling system.


Although the B2 had some downfalls in the overall temps I was very impressed with the innovations and over all aesthetics. I must say performance is important to me but I am very impressed by design. Being a graphic designer by trade I can appreciate the subtleties of the “little extras” companies are putting into the design of their cases. I genuinely like the B2 Stealth Bomber I would like to see some more cooling in future attempts at this design but overall it was a great case and definitely a head turner.

Would I recommend this case? For the enthusiast: no, for the gamer: yes! It is an awesome looking case and the front panel is killer. I love the inclusion of the stickers to customize the case but my personal preference is just the plain flat grey it comes in stock.


  • Price
  • Tool-less
  • Front Panel
  • HDD Tray Swivles
  • Movable Fans
  • Unique


  • Needs Bigger Fans
  • Little Tight Inside





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