In Win BP Series ITX PC Chassis Case Review

The amazingly compact mATX for factor for motherboard was an amazing step in the right direction. Offices switched over the mATX because it too up way less space than a standard desktop size. Now mATX is packing its bags to make way for the incredibly compact itx motherboard form factor that is not only taking over the office but it is squeaking its way into gaming rigs and your living room. Intel just announced that they will be launching an ITX motherboard for the new i5 661 series CPU’s that will include a spot for a PCI-E 16x slot. Don’t be fooled ITX is here to stay and the people over at In Win are great early adopters.  Today we will be taking a look at their latest ITX Case the In Win BP Series ITX PC ITX Chassis:

Provided by: In Win

Price: $46.35

Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:

Case Size
S.F.F Slim Chassis (Ultra Small Form Factor)
External Drive Bay
5.25″ x 1
Internal Drive Bay
3.5″ HDD (1 T) x 1
3.5″ HDD (0.8 T) x 1
Front Ports
USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio
Dimension(H x W x D)
w/o Front Panel
265 x 100 x 310 mm (8.2L)
3.9″ x 10.4″ x 12.2″
M/B Form Factor
I/O Expansion Slots
Low Profile Card Slot x 1
Power Supply
Standard TFX 12V, 200W
Cooling Fan
80x80x25mm System Fan
Meets RoHS, CE and FCC Class B Requirements
Padlock Loop / Kensington Slot
IEEE 1394
eSATA / USB2.0 x 2 (at Rear Panel w/ Module)
Antenna Mounting Hole for WLAN Card
Removable Air Filter
Chassis Intrusion Switch
Screw-less ODD Bay Clips
Screw-less Top Cover Clips
Easy Integration
The BP Series was designed to offer quick integration. No peripheral carrier or bezel must be removed for assembly. This allows very quick assembly and reduces costs.
Optimal Thermal Performance
An ultra silent 8 cm case fan with Intel Thermally Advantaged Small Chassis 1.0 vents help to improve the airflow and optimize thermal performance, keeping temperatures below 39°C.
Supports Mini-ITX Motherboard
Supports Mini-ITX motherboards for a wide choice of system features and price points.
Standard TFX 12V Power Supply
Internal TFX 200W Power supply equipped with a temperature control sensor that reduces noise allows for quiet operation.
Standard Components
The BP Series supports standard size components (5.25” & 3.5”). The use of standard components helps to maximize configuration choices and minimize product costs.
Tool Free
Optional screw-less designs – ODD bay and side panel for easy assembly.



The In Win BP Series ITX Chassis is a small case with big features I was completely blown away by everything you get in this case for a sub $50 price tag. It is sleek well designed easy to work in (for an ITX case) and it has great cooling. The addition of an included PSU makes this case a no brainer for anyone trying to custom build their own ITX based PC. I have been running a Zotac Ion with and Intel Atom N33 dual core processor and I have been running the PC for days now the PSU had no hiccups and the temps were never anything to worry about. I would say if you are going for a media PC build I would suggest not plugging in the LED’s but other than that it’s a great case.

Would I recommend this case? Yes, it is everything you need for an entry level build with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a larger, more expensive case.


  • Price
  • Included PSU
  • Well Made
  • Sleek Design
  • Blue LEDs
  • Great for Office and Media Applications
  • Good Airflow


  • If In Win Wants to Eventually Market This Product for Home Theater use I would Suggest a Toggle for the LEDs



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