In win Dragon Slayer mATX Case Review it comes to gaming the consensus for years was bigger is better. mATX motherboards were not made very well and their ability to run consistent voltages left much to be desired. Well all of that has changed with the use of solid state capacitors and new VRM technology the mATX boards have become power houses in their own right; so much so that the gaming market has perked up and taken notice. These boards come at a fraction of the price of a full sized ATX and they are much more compact. In Win took notice too, and as such they started coming out with mATX Gamers like the Dragon Slayer we will be looking at today. With all of the room for large graphics cards, cooling of a mid tower and the compact transportability of a mATX chassis this case has got it all. Let’s check it out and see if it is the be all end all, of your future mini gamer builds:


Provided by: In Win

Price: $77.44

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

Eye-Catching Appearance
Inspired by the medieval chain armor concept
Outstanding Expandability
Supports up to 2 full-length (32cm/12.6”) VGA cards
Uncompromising Thermal Solution
Holds up to total of 8 fans provides an exceptional cooling
Cable Routing System
Minimizes cable clutter and enhances the air-flow
Tool-Free Design
For PCI slots and drive bays
Dust-Proof Air Filter
Keeps out the dust and extends the life of components
Super Speed USB 3.0 Interface
Case Size:
Mini Tower
0.6mm SECC
Drive Bays:
1. Option 1: External 5.25” x 3, 3.5” x 1
Internal 2.5” x 1
2. Option 2: External 5.25” x 1, 3.5” x 1
Internal 2.5” x 1, *3.5” x 3 or 3.5” x 2, 2.5” x 1 (*Converted from 5.25” x 2 )
M/B Form Factor:
Power Supply:
1. ATX 12V
2. PSⅡ
I/O Expansion Slots:
PCI-E/PCI/AGP Expansion Slot x 5
Front I/O(Ports):
USB 3.0 x 1; USB 2.0 x 2; HD/AC’97 Audio
Thermal Solution:
14cm Fan at Top and Front
9cm Fan at Rear/8cm HDD Fan
Optional 12cm Side Fan x 4
Water-Cooling Hole Ready
430 x 196 x 426 mm (16.9” x 7.7” x 16.8” )
Padlook Loop / Kensington Slot



When I tried the NZXT Rogue I was impressed then NZXT came out with the Vulcan and I was blown away! The Vulcan is an amazing case I never thought there would be a contender for a mATX like the Vulcan. All of that changed when I gave the Dragon Slayer a try I build 2 mATX rigs specifically for the Vulcan and the Dragon Slayer, I decided that the Dragon would be the one I put the Quad Core Phenom and GTX 465 in and the Vulcan got the dual core and the ATI 5570. I do still hold the Vulcan in the highest regard but In Win has always delivered when it comes to quality and aesthetics in my opinion when it comes to style no one can touch In Win’s design crew.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, a thousand times. I am actually to the point where I will probably be buying some of these for my shop to build more mini gamers in. Good job In Win Keep up the good work.


  • Price
  • Design
  • Room to Build
  • Air Flow
  • Lots of Room For Tower Coolers and Modular PSU’s
  • Fits the Big Cards With no Problems
  • Quiet
  • Only One LED for a Nice Dark Interior (if that’s what you like)



  • Vulcan’s Handle is a Nice Touch I Would Like to see In Win’s Next mATX Gamer With a Handle


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