In-Win FANQUA Case Review

Today we look at the In-Win FANQUA. Now I know that isn’t a real word and there’s a reason for that and it’s because it’s an acronym.  FANQUA Stands for Fan, Air Flow, Neat, Quality, User Friendly and Affordable, and I can tell you that each of those is a very accurate description. This case cans support many fans and comes with four fans one of which is a 230mm blue LED fan. Right from the start these fans make for great air flow, all of which are In-Win quality fans as well as a quality steel case to help protect your rig. This easy to use case has a very unique look as well that comes at an amazing low price that even the tightest scrooges out there might consider getting one. Let’s take a closer look at In-Win FANQUA:

Product Provided By: In-Win

Price: $79.99(

Closer Look:

Let’s take a look at the specs and features:


Case Size:
Mid Tower
SECC Steel (0.6mm )
456 x 225 x 480 mm
Power Supply:
I/O Expansion Slots:
7 Slots
Thermal Solution:
1. Front HDD 12 cm Fan*1 (Max. support 12 cm Fan*2)
2. Side cover 22 cm LED Fan with LED switch*1 (Support 12 cm Fan*2)
3. TOP 12CM FAN*1
4. REAR 12CM FAN*1
Driver Bays:
1. up to total 9
2. External 5.25” Drive Bay: 5 or 2
3. External 3.5” Drive Bay: 1 (Converted from one 5.25” drive bay)
4. Internal 3.5” Drive Bay: 3 or 6
Front I/O:
1. HD/AC’ 97 Audio
2. USB2.0 × 2
3. e-SATA*1
1. ATX
2. Micro ATX



Excellent Thermal Solution
The Fanqua gaming chassis utilizes a 22cm side panel fan to accelerate air through and out of the chassis to keep components cool. The vented bezels on the front panel, a ventilated floor panel, and a top vent with a 12cm fan provide the optimal airflow on both intake and exhaust.
Advanced appearance
Its unique dark metallic paint and the bright stunning light on the huge fan satisfy all pompous PC enthusiasts.
Tool-Free Mechanical Design
Screw-less I/O expansion slots make assembling a fun, easy, and enjoyable experience.
Dust-proof meshes
The air filter meshes are built into the front bezel, side panel, top panel, and floor which keep out the dust and extend the life of components.
Bottom-Mounted PSU VS. Vent Holes
Bottom-mounted PSU design with independent air ventilation hole.

Now let’s do some testing:

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