Nexus Clodius1 Ventilation Pro Series Chassis Review

Bar-none the temperature of your PC components is the most important information you can have if you want to keep your PC running stable and for years to come. Temperature sensors are being used more and more in todays after market cases but Nexus has taken it a step further with its new case the Nexus Clodius1 Pro Ventilations Series of PC chassis. The Clodius1 has plenty of features but most notable of the features is its temperature indicating dial that is color coded on the front of the case so at a glacnce you know exactly what the temperature of your PC case is instantly. Let’s check it out:


Provided by: EndPCNoise

Price: $49.99

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:



Model number:
Motherboard size:
Case fans:
Fan mounts:
Fan controller:
Front ports:
5.25″ bay
3.5″ bay
HDD bays:
Thumb screws:
Case size:
Case weight:

Not supplied
2x 120mm | 1000~1700RPM
Ultra-soft silicone fan mounts
Dial with LED in front connects 2 fans
2x USB 2.0, MIC and AUDIO
4x front accessible (2x with DVD door)
1x front accessible
7 HDD bays
12 pieces supplied
36.87CFM / (62.61m3/hour)
41.9 x18 x 49.5 (L x W xD)



Testing Setup:

  • CPU: Q6600
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
  • Memory: 2 x 2GB OCZ SLI Ready
  • OS: Windows XP Home SP3
  • Video Card: ATI Radeon EAH 4550
  • Power Supply: 550 W PSU


For the testing as usual I will be taking the average temps of the CPU, the GPU, the HDD, and the internal case temp. I will be recording the numbers for both Idle and load. To heat things up inside the case I will be punishing my rig with the Prime-95 burn-in test. I will be pitting the Nexus Clodius against the Thermaltake V9. The ambient temp will remain a constant 23°C to ensure fair testing.



Nexus Clodius

Thermaltake v9 Black Edition







24°C (75°F)

37°C (98°F)

15°C (59°F)

21°C (70°F)


39°C (102°F)

39°C (102°F)

33°C (91°F)

35°C (95°F)


29°C (84°F)

31°C (88°F)

24°C (75°F)

25°C (77°F)


27°C (80°F)

29°C (84°F)

23°C (73°F)

21°C (70°F)


Of course this isn’t the most fair of tests for the Nexus but it is impressive to see how well it did to because the Thermaltake v9 is more than double the price and has a lot more features than the Clodius. Over all the Nexus Clodius1 did very well the temperatures were more then adequate for cooling the average users PC. The case never went over blue during testing which is also impressive considering it is only driven by silent 120mm fans the CFM’s on these fans are very impressive which we found out during our previous review of the Nexus case fans. Let’s see the final thoughts:



Overall the Nexus Clodius 1 PC Chassis did a fine job although it is not the most spectacular case I have ever seen for its price I was very impressed with the features it had. I also love black so that gives it extra points right there. Before you grab your standard white box for your next built consider the Clodius1 is is a nice looking inexpensive choice with more features than any other case in its price point.

Would I recommend this case? Yes but only for certain audiences. This is a great box if you are a retailer doing a large PC purchase for a corporate account or if you are looking for a nice quite HTPC. The sleek smooth front looks great for any office.


  • Black
  • Color Coded Temps
  • Price
  • 2 x 120mm Stock
  • Silent Fans


  • It Looks a Little too PEM for my Personal Preference

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