NZXT Beta PC Gaming Chassis Review the gaming and software world you will often here of Beta releases or Beta testing which means you are the first to try a product out and point out its faults so that a production release has the minimal amount of bugs possible. When NZXT released the Beta Gaming Chassis I was a little perplexed about the Title. After some use of the Chassis I was pretty impressed it had some great options for a mid-tower case. Overall I wouldn’t liken this case to a Beta release products at all; having seen my view on this case let’s get a good look and see how you feel about it:


Provided By: NZXT

Price: $44.99


Closer Look:

Specifications and Features:


  • Fits ATX standard motherboards and power supplies
  • Fits large 10.5″ performance graphics cards
  • Expanded cooling directly cools video cards and CPU
  • Screwless installation for hard drives and external 5.25″ drives
  • Black internal finish for sleek look
  • Meshed front panel allows for better airflow than traditional cases
  • Top mounted Dual USB/Audio/ESATA for convenient usage



After using as many Chassis as I have between writing for overclockersclub and ochq surprising me with new features is pretty difficult. Althought the NZXT isn’t much different than your average gaming Chassis is now days it does have some key features I would never expect from such an in expensive Mid-Tower case. A few of my favourites are their attention to detail by painting the interior all black. They also included some great cable management and the tool-less is quality and not cheap and poorly made like most tool-less I see these days.

Would I recommend this case? Well let me put it this way if you can show me a better case for $44.99 I will be quite surprised. This case is the best entry level case I have ever seen for under $50. Better entry level cases may be out there but I have not personally seen any in this price range with the same qualifications the NZXT has shown.


  • Price
  • Black interior
  • Cable Management
  • Blue LED
  • Quality Tool-less
  • Great VGA Cooling with optional 120mm side fans
  • Looks great!


  •  No back of motherboard access for aftermarket cpu coolers mounting
  • Only Half Tool-less
  • Only 1 120mm stock





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