NZXT Hades Crafted Series Case Review

Introducing another COOL case from NZXT! Here is the Hades Crafted Series 9 Bay Black Midtower case! Generally when we hear of Hades, we all think of that hot place. Hot places are not where we want our computers to be. Hades is also defined as the god of the netherworld and the dispenser of earthly riches. With the 4 included fans and excellent airflow the NZXT Hades Crafted Series case promises to be the dispenser of earthly riches and not bringer of heat and death. Today we are going to decide which this case is. Lets get to it!

 Provided by NZXT
Price: $99.99 Newegg

Closer Look

Ok!  Lets see what NZXT has for us today!  NZXT claims the Hades Crafted Series case is “a chassis that provides an array of advanced features for the most demanding PC enthusiast…”. Lets find out if its true.

Let’s start by taking a look at the packaging.  

On the front of the box we have a very cool picture of the case.  Futuristic against a dark gloomy city.  Reminds me of scenes from Half-Life 2 Episode 2.  A little damage from shipping on the box did not hurt the case.  We have some of the case’s best features listed on the front here. 

Back of the box gives us another couple pictures of the case and a long list of the features of this seemingly amazing case.

And on the side of the box are the more traditional specifications.  A good listing of all the things you want and need in a great gaming case.

Now on to the case itself.


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