NZXT Phantom Full Tower Gaming PC Chassis Review it comes to cases NZXT has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Going up against the big boys like Antec, Thermaltake, and Cooler Master can be a daunting task, but NZXT has not only accepted the challenge but impressed us all with their ability to make beautifully made cases at affordable prices. They have also ventured into some gaming peripherals, laptop coolers, and now Power Supplies. I must say I was very surprised to see how well NZXT has come out in this regard and now today is the icing on the cake, the much anticipated “phantom” when we first started seeing glimpses of it in various preview videos done by some of our affiliates we were eagerly anticipating its release. Let’s see if the NZXT Phantom Full Tower Gaming, Enthusiast Chassis lives up to all the hype:


Provided by: NZXT

Price: $146.84

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

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High Performance Cooling Advantages – Phantom’s extensive cooling capabilities include 7 fan cooling options with dual 200mm, single side 230/200mm (NZXT only guarantees fitment with NZXT’s FN-200), triple 120mm, and front 140mm fans. For enhanced control and expandability, NZXT includes dual radiator support, quad watercooling cutouts, and an integrated fan controller with up to five 20W channels.
Simple Installation – Phantom celebrates an array of innovative features designed to enhance every stage of the build. Meticulous wire management is easily attainable with large spacing behind the motherboard. The innovative all-new 5.25” screwless rails make installing and swapping HDDs an effortless process. Rubber grommets dampens vibration during operation.
Additional Advanced Features – Further distinct features include an LED on/off button to control fan lighting, rubber PSU and case feet to reduce vibration, easily removable front and top panels, and top mounted USB, Audio/Mic, and E-SATA ports.
Extensive Compatibility and Expandability – Features support for larger heat sinks, graphics cards, and E-ATX motherboards enabling enthusiasts to include any of today’s hottest components. Vast space within the enclosure allows for 7 hard drives with SDD support and up to five 5.25” bays.
Enthusiast Steel Full Tower
NZXT presents the cutting edge Phantom Full Tower Chassis. Designed with sleek, pristine contours, the Phantom radiates personality and quality. As with all NZXT products, we strive to set apart our customers from the rest with unique, original designs – we run the extra mile so you won’t have to settle with the typical rectangular box.

The Phantom delivers high performance cooling advantages with 7 fan cooling options, dual radiator support, quad watercooling cutouts, and five 20W per channel fan controls. An innovative 5.25” screwless system, vast space to encompass 7 hard drives, and five 5.25” bays enable smooth customization. Establish your power, your presence.


I have to admit I took a lot longer getting this review out than I normally do, I didn’t know what to think of the Phantom. I built 2 different machines into it and I used if for a couple weeks with each. At first I was a little taken aback by its design. I loved the look of it when I saw the white version, but when we received the black version all I could see was that it looked so much like the early Alienware Cases, and I HATED those cases, I thought they were the ugliest gaming cases I had ever laid eyes one. They just looked like big cumbersome boat anchors. They were the fat girl in the mini skirt every one notices when they walk in but nobody wants to dance with (sorry to all the horizontally challenged mini skirt wearing fat girls out there). Maybe my initial reaction was a bit harsh, I mean this is an NZXT case and I have always liked their products so I delved in a little deeper. As I started building in the case the initial distaste subsided. This case is beautifully designed, well built and nothing feels cheap about it. I decided to wait until the retailers started getting some in for sale before I really made my decision, when I saw the price tag coming in lower than the HAFX my opinion switched again. This is a lot of case for the money.

Okay, so maybe I was too critical the Phantom is a beautifully made case and nowhere near as bulky as the old Alienware chassis. The amount of cooling the pack into this case is also more than just a little impressive.  One this I did not like was the side panel I think this case would be even more impressive with a windowed side panel option other than that it is a great case and it would make any gaming build instantly noticeable and intimidating.

Would I recommend this case? Yes, it is not very often a product changes my mind after first impressions but the Phantom is definitely one of those occasions. Although personally I would still suggest getting a while one because they are beautiful, all of the colors still have the same features and the features are what sell you on the style and they do it quite proficiently in my case. If you are looking for a new gaming chassis then take a good look at the Phantom because it is a builders dream.


  • Price Point
  • Style
  • Tons of Stock Cooling
  • Lots of Building Room
  • Unique


  • I’d Like to see a Clear Side Panel
  • Black One Looks Like an Alienware Behemoth at First Glance

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