NZXT Vulcan Micro-ATX Gaming and Enthusiast Chassis Review NZXT tried to sell me on m-ATX gaming rigs with the Rogue I was more than a little skeptical. Once I saw the Panzerbox I was getting a little more interested. Now they have done it again; their little engineer monkeys have been hard at work  again and giving it another shot. It will be hard for any company to stand out in such a huge market of gaming based cases but if anyone can give it a solid try NZXT can. So this time around NZXT has blessed us with another attempt at m-ATX, the name of this new engineering and marketing love child is: the NZXT Vulcan; will this mini marvel help us “live long and prosper” or will it remain “illogical” to try to build a m-ATX gaming rig? Let’s find out:


Provided by: NZXT

Price: $69.99

Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:

Durable Non-slip finished top handle for portability
Black Interior
Dual 5.25″ slots and four 3.5″ slots (internal and external)
Wire routing holes + extruded side panel provides extra space for cable management
Dual 8W channel fan control
Fits at least 350mm video cards like the ATI 5970
ATX PSU with removable filter + anti-vibration rubber support
Dual external watercooling cutouts
Dual top 120mm exhaust for optimal cooling
Top mounted (2x)USB, E SATA, External HD Audio + Mic
Fan LED on/off function: Turn off lights during night time use
CPU heatsink cut-out + 170mm heatsink support
Supports 200mm fan intake on side mesh (NZXT only guarantees fitment with NZXT’s FN-200)
Extra large mesh holes for optimal airflow
Removable Hard drive cage
Included thumbscrews for all drives
Small footprint, Big power

Introducing NZXT’s new VULCAN Micro ATX gaming case, the ideal bring-your-own-computer option for professional gaming LAN parties. The Vulcan maximizes power in a compact 16” x 7” x 16.6” body, which is approximately 40% smaller than the typical super full tower. Indulge in the ample space that includes advanced cooling capabilities with 2 x 120mm (one included), 1 x 200mm, 1 x 80mm, a front 120mm intake fan (included), and more space to fit up to two 350mm cards in SLI and Crossfire configurations. The durable non-slip top handle and anti-vibration rubber support idealizes portability, enabling you to easily transport your ultimate gaming machine anywhere.



Although I am doing Pros and cons as well as conclusion in the videos now let me just say this: The NZXT Vulcan is the best m-ATX case I have ever seen and it even rivals a couple full size ATX cases out there. NZXT are putting themselves in the position to tip the gaming chassis market scales in their favor. If they keep coming out with quality products like this Thermaltake and Cooler Master better keep on their toes. Good job NZXT great idea and very well executed design.


Fully recommended product period.



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