Thermaltake Level 10 GT Gaming ans Enthusiast Chassis Review day the Level 10 came out from Thermaltake was a big day for Thermaltake. I remember there was a big launch party and the press releases went out and just about every website published it, even the ones that don’t normally bother posting press releases. It was, and still is a very impressive case, so when I opened my door to the delivery guy and he dropped a box on my porch that said level 10 on it I was more than just a little excited. Then I looked closer, “GT?” I exclaimed “a new Level  10?” Well today we are going to be showing you one of the second nicest cases I have seen in a long time, the first being its big brother.  This case comes with a hefty but much more user friendly price tag than its big brother let’s take a look at the Thermaltake Level 10 GT Gaming and Enthusiast Chassis and see if it live up to the level 10 name:


Provided by: Thermaltake

Price: $256.40

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

Case Type Full Tower
Material SECC
Front Bezel Material Plastic
Color Exterior: BLACK
Interior: BLACK
Side Panel Window
Motherboard Support Micro ATX
Extended ATX
Motherboard Tray
5.25″ Drive Bay 4
Ext. 3.5″ Drive Bay 1
Int. 3.5″ Drive Bay 5
Expansion Slots 8
Front I/O Ports USB 3.0 x 2
USB 2.0 x 4
eSATA x 1
HD Audio x 1
Cooling System Front (intake):
200 x 200 x 20 mm ColorShift Fan x 1 (600~800RPM, 13~15dBA)

Rear (exhaust):
140 x 140 x 25 mm Turbo Fan (1000PRM, 16 dBA)

Top (exhaust):
200 x 200 x 30 mm ColorShift Fan (600~800RPM, 13~15dBA)

Side (intake):
200 x 200 x 30 ColorShift Fan (600~800RPM), 13~15dBA)

Bottom (intake):
120 x 120 x 25mm (optional)

Liquid Cooling Capable Yes
Liquid Cooling Embedded
Power Supply Supported Standard PS2
Power Supply Included
Dimension (H*W*D) 584 x 282 x 590 mm
Net Weight 28.0 lbs
Security Lock Front HDD Access
Side Panel
Rear peripherals
Application High Performance Gaming


Although I wouldn’t say it’s an ugly half brother to the original Level 10 it does lack some of the charm that the Level 10 Sr has. That being said it is by far one of the nicest cases I own. I instantly built the new i7 2600k into it with a solid state 160GB and all of my favorite part. It has become my new official testing rig and I get more that a few covetous comments from my employees and hacker space members. Sure this case is $250+ and yes it is gigantic, but it is awesome, I have seen a lot of pricy cases and admired them all but most pale in comparison. I loved the HAF X I mean I really loved that case but the Level  10 GT took its place as my dedicated testing rig and I think that is going to stay that way for a long time.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, if it’s a build for your grandma to play solitaire on, maybe not. If you are and enthusiast or gamer and you want a case you will keep over the stretch of multiple iterations of your system than look no further than the Thermaltake Level 10GT.


  • Just Look at it
  • Hot Swappable Drives
  • Very Well Built
  • Handle (and You’ll Need it)


  • Pricy for Some
  • Heavy! (Con or Pro Depending)

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