Aero Cool V12 BlackLine Edition and Light Wave 120mm Fan Round-Up Review

When it comes to computers fads don’t go out of style them just start getting better and better. LED’s have been the companion of virtually ever gamer based system for the past 10 years. Are we sick of them yet? Apparently not because companies are still selling them like hotcakes and improving on the design more and more every new batch that comes out. Aero Cool has done some incredible changes to the gaming based accessory market. The fans, touch screens, and cases they produce are unlike anything else on the market and they intend to stay that way. Today we will be looking at two 120mm fans: the Light Wave, and the v12 Black Line Edition. Let’s get a closer look:


Provided by: Aero Cool

Price: Both: TBA

Closer Look and Testing:

Specifications and Features:


120 x 120 x 25 mm transparent fan
Unique “Wave” Blue LED lighting Effect w/ 3 mode options
Low speed fan at minimal noise level
w/ 3 +4 pin connectors
w/ anti-vibration screws to minimize the
fan vibration
3 mode switch

V12 Black Line:


Special designed 120 x 120 x 25 mm transparent Black fan for improved air flow !!
Combination of Small fan hub and Large fan blades pumps out the maximum air flow and mininum amout of noise
w/ Quad Blue LEDs
w/ 3 +4 pin connectors
w/ anti-vibration screws to minimize the
fan vibration


Even thought the Aero Cool V12 BlackLine is essentially just another LED fan it did have so major pro’s. For instance: the addition of 2 extra blades compared to your average case fan and the addition of molex, rubber mounts, and the fact that is slightly translucent made this fan a definite winner over your standard OEM LED fan. As for the Light Wave it is a fantastic fan the visual effects are awesome it would look great in almost any case and the slow pulsating definitely make it stand our over LED fans of old.

Would I recommend these products? Of course if you are looking for a new fan that is for your gamer system then look no further; Aero Cool has two impeccable choices for your next mod.


  • Powerful LEDs
  • Pulsing (lightwave)
  • Molex Converter included
  • Quiet
  • Looks awesome (both)


  • Ability to turn the LED’f off would be a bonus



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