Aerocool DCC C900 CPU Cooler Review

So far we have found that Aerocool makes a pretty good product, we have tested out two of their LCD touch screen fan controllers and a bunch of their cases. From looking at some of their other products we have seen that they have a few CPU Coolers that also look quite promising, but today we are going to take a look at the Aerocool DCC-C900 CPU Cooler. With this little CPU cooler you receive nice compact design with heat pipes that make direct contact with your CPU which we have usually made quite a difference when it came to heat dispersal from the CPU. Let’s take a closer look and see how well this little guy really works:

Product Provided By: Aerocool

Price: $21.99

Closer Look:


eatsink Specification
Dimension :
82(L) x 50(W) x 112(H)mm /MODULE
Material :
3 x Dia.6mm heatpipes direct contact with CPU Aluminum fin (44 fins ± 1)
Weight :
320 grams (w/o fan)
Fan Specification
Dimension ;
92 x 92 x 25mm
Rated Voltage :
DC12 V
Operating Voltage :
DC6 ~ 13.8 V
Input Current :
0.18A (MAX)
Input Power :
2.16W (MAX)
Air Flow :
32 CFM
Static Pressure :
1.05mmH2O (MAX)
Speed :
1500 RPM
Noise :
18 dBA (Min)
Weight :
75 grams
Operating Temperature :
-10°c to +70°c
Bearing :
Special Features :
Transparent frame/Blue transparent blade


Direct Core Contact technology – heatpipes are directly in contact with the CPU die
3 x Dia. 6mm heatpipes
Silent 92mm transparent frame/Blue transparent Blade PWM fan (800 to 1500rpm)
Easy installation
Compatible with LGA 775/AM2 & K8 CPUs
Aluminium “DCC” color logo on the top fin

Test Setup:

  • CPU:  Intel Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz
  • Mobo: Intel Desktop Board D915GAV
  • Memory: 2.00 GB of RAM
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2


For testing I will be performing the usual tests, which is to record the idle and load temps of the Aerocool DCC-C900 CPU Cooler. To record the Load temps I will be running the Prime 95 Torture Test to get the CPU to warm up nice and hot. I will be pitting the Aerocool DCC-C900 against the Evercool Buffalo and the Zerotherm Core 92 CPU Cooler. To ensure a fair test the room will remain a constant 25°C (77°F).


Intel Stock Cooler

Aero Cool DCC-C900 CPU Cooler







62°C (144°F)

89°C (192°F)

47°C (117°F)

59°C (138°F)

So here we can see that this little $20 dollar cooler pulled its weight and proved that even Aerocool’s lower end coolers are even great, and it shows how upgrading you CPU cooler can have a definite affect on your CPU.


In the end I found that the areocool DCC-C900 CPU Cooler Is a good little unit. Despite its small size it still did a great job of cooling. In the past we have seen good cooling from other DCC (Direct Core Contact) Coolers and this simply proves that even simple small coolers with this feature can prove to be a worthy ally for your CPU.

One thing that I didn’t really like is the mounting bracket for this cooler. Fortunately I have only had a couple of coolers with these types of mounting brackets and both times due to the placement of some capacitors on my MOBO I can’t actually use these coolers, so for some this may be an issue.

So would I recommend this CPU Cooler? Well as a cooler in a high end gaming PC I think it might work not half bad. As far as a cooler in an overclocking PC I don’t think that it would be the best option. For a good solid cooler it still did its job and further proved that, at least everything we have seen, most Aerocool products are a great balance between performance and cost.


  • Low Cost
  • Fairly Small Profile
  • Easy To Install


  • Some may have mounting bracket / MOBO compatibility problems



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