Aerocool Touch 1000 LCD Touch Screen Fan controller Review

With optimal cooling being a high priority in many people’s gaming rigs, and wanting to control your fans for the best flow of air inside your case, why not take a look at a fan controller. In the past most of said fan controllers that I have seen where nothing more than a little toggle switch for three different speeds over an individual fan. While for some this is more than enough, but for those that want more control over their fans this isn’t really the best option. Well that’s why the people at Aero Cool have come to the rescue and have created a great fan controller with an easy to use touch screen display that not only looks great but it also makes it incredibly easy to control the exact speed of up to four fans inside your case, including the four pin fan on you CPU Cooler. Let’s take a closer look at the Aero Cool Touch 1000:

Product Provided By: Aerocool

 Price: $39.99

Closer Look:


149.5 (W) x 42.5 (H) x 70(D) mm
LCD viewable area
118 (W) x 25 (H) mm
4 x 3-pin connectors
4 x heat sensors
Brushed aluminum front bezel w/ steel bracket
Max wattage per fan channel


So in the end I thought that the Areo Cool Touch 1000 LCD Touch Screen Fan Controller was great. While unlike it might not have the USB, eSATA, and Audio In / Out of its big brother the Touch 2000, I still thought that this was a great little controller. With a cable setup specifically designed to control your CPU cooler fan, it doesn’t have to be that fan, it still does work with any old 3 pin fan but why not.
Something that I didn’t really like however was that fact that the cables and front panel sort of tell you which fan you are suppose to connect to each cable. For example, fan slot two on the front says that it is should be for my GPU fan, but the fan on my video card doesn’t take a 3 pin so right now when fan 2 is selected it just blinks instead of controlling any fans. Still the Aero Cool Touch 1000 Fan Controller works great for my CPU fan, My secondary cold air intake, and for my exhaust fans.

A couple things that I don’t really like, and these are very minor is 1) the tape that is supplied with the unit to attach the heat sensors to wherever you desire is a little weak, and for someone like me who has to continually tear down his rig to try out another case or CPU Cooler the tape just fails. So if anyone out there has found a good alternate tape that won’t damage the sensor when removed please just leave a comment and it would be greatly appreciated. And 2) the leg brackets that you are suppose to use to secure it in the front I found are a little short; I found it difficult to find a reasonable spot where the unit didn’t look sunken into the front while not too far out that it had the exact opposite problem.

So enough with my ramblings, in the end I have to say that this is a good product. While being reasonably priced, it not only looks good but also works great. While unlike the touch 2000 where you can see all the fans that are being controlled at once, with the touch 1000 you can hide the fact that you might currently only have one or two fans connected to the unit. Also I found that being able to setup temp alarms to be a bonus, even though my system runs well below the minimum temp settings.


  • Looks Good
  • Easy to Use
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Can be used to control CPU fan


  • Tape for sensors is really weak
  • Leg brackets are too short for my liking



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