Cooler Master Notepal U3 Laptop Cooler Review

There are tons of laptop coolers on the market right now, and every time a good idea comes out some OEM company comes along and rips it off and sells it cheaper. Cooler Master is one company that has done a great job of patenting there designs and keeping the knock offs to a bare minimum. Everything a new products comes out there is very little competition for Cooler Master because their design department does a great job of keeping their hand close to their chest. The Cooler Master Notepal U3 Laptop Cooler is no exception not only does it offer fully modular fan design but is also doubles as a carrying case for your laptop. Let’s check it out and see if the Cooler Master Notepal U3 Laptop Cooler is right for you:

Provided by: Cooler Master

Price: $34.99

Closer Look:

Specifications and Features:
  • Adjustable fan with speed control function, powered by one USB.
  • Quick release fan, easily lock on, replace and remove.
  • Unique fan speed control clip for quick setup and replacement.
  • Aluminum mesh design for excellent heat dissipation.
  • Slim and light weight for great portability.
  • Ergonomic angle for comfortable viewing.
  • Accommodates up to 19″ laptops.

Conclusion:The Cooler Master Notepal U3 Laptop Cooler is more than just another laptop cooler. For the cost of a carrying case for your 15-17 inch laptop you get not only a case but and ergonomic laptop cooler with the ability to fully customize your thermal solution specific to your laptop. No other (to my knowledge) laptop cooler offers these kinds of abilities for the same price point.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, how could I not. You get everything you potentially need in one very nicely design package. Good job Cooler Master keep up the good work!



  • Affordable
  • Modular
  • Beautiful design
  • Doubles as a carrying case


  • No pockets to carry extras




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