CoolIt Systems Vantage Advanced Liquid Cooler Review

Have you ever wondered how much heat your CPU cooler is actually diverting? Have you ever wondered if that temperature sensor on your motherboard for your CPU is functioning properly? Have you ever wanted an affordable liquid cooler for your expensive and in some cases, irreplaceable CPU? Well the CoolIt Systems Vantage Advanced Liquid Cooler (ALC) for CPUs may just be the answer you’re looking for! With its customizable digital display, Coolant temperature readout, and controlled fan speed, this liquid cooler promises to be an affordable alternative to a full-blown liquid cooling system. We will find out if this product stands up to its promises. Lets get to it!

Provided by:  CoolIt Systems
Price: $114.99 CoolIt Systems

Closer Look:

At first glance, the packaging for the CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC lets you know that this is something different.  The large fan attached to a space-age digital read out is something you might see on a futuristic vehicle.  The six thought bubbles point out some of this device’s best features.

Here on the side we have more of the CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC’s specifications and features.

On the back of the package we see a graph of one of the CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC’s best features.  This chart shows how the CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC will go from a very quiet speed to maximum efficiency automatically as CPU demand (and heat) goes up.  There is also a nice picture of how this unit may elegantly reside within your case.

On to the product itself:

In our first look at the CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC we can see the massive 120mm fan, the incredibly tough coolant lines, and the electronically controlled pump/heat sink package.

And here is a picture of the copper heat sink.  Notice that CoolIt has applied a generous supply of their thermal paste for you.  The CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC is ready to go out of the box.  The purists among you may, if you wish, remove this thermal pad and apply your own brand of poison.

Here is a close-up of the pump assembly.  Note the large digital display screen and the two control buttons used for setting your CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC.

Here is the massive finned radiator.  Like the one in your car only on a much smaller scale.  Fully sealed, this all metal radiator will draw that evil heat away from your delicate CPU.

And a picture of the 120mm fan that will draw air out of your case and through that massive radiator.

The CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC comes with all the required brackets to fit almost any Intel or AMD application.

And my favorite!  The CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC comes with a full color, easy to read, spiral bound instruction manual!  So many coolers come with a many-folded piece of paper with scribbles so small you need a magnifying glass to read them.  The CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC’s manual is full sized, easy to read, and fully illustrated.

In a couple pages, you can see the CoolIt Systems Vantage ALC installed in my system.  Looks pretty cool if I do say so myself.

On to the Features and Specifications!

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